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Daily maintenance of beer filling machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-09
Beer filling machine daily maintenance requirements, common in the use of beer filling machine, can pay attention to the maintenance of beer filling machine, so the service life of the beer filling machine can increase, handle the wine filling machine maintenance and maintenance tasks, can greatly reduce the failure rate of wine filling machine, beer filling machine is widely used at the same time, the problem of daily maintenance and maintenance is becoming more and more people's attention. Beer filling machine daily maintenance instructions: 1, first of all to the correct use of beer filling machine, ensure the equipment in normal and safe running. Before use, the operator right rational use equipment and routine maintenance. 2, every day to clean up the surface, can not be infected with dirt; Before operation of beer filling machine will first equipment sanitation clean. 3, check equipment, high temperature cloth have good high temperature cloth in a timely manner to the equipment replaced. Every time after the operation, in order to one side. 4, every three months, the surface paint of beer filling machine.
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