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Definition and growth trend of sealing machine

by:J&D WATER     2019-12-18
? ?The sealing machine is a machine that seals the container filled with the packaging material. After the product is packed into the packaging container, in order to keep the product sealed, maintain the quality of the product, and avoid product loss, the packaging container needs to be sealed. This operation is performed at Finished on the sealing machine. Sealing machine growth trend At present, domestic machinery industries such as automatic food sealing machines are fast-growing industries. China's food and automatic sealing machines and other machinery industries have also experienced the start in the 1970s and grew in the 1980s. The rapid growth in the late 1980s and early 1990s has reached an annual growth rate of 20%.) At the beginning, the categories were relatively complete. , The industries supporting the variety. Due to the late start of machinery such as food automatic sealing machines in China, the composition of production enterprises is diverse. From the overall scope of industrial enterprises, 95% of the enterprises are small enterprises, township organizations, private enterprises, individual enterprises, and a small number of associates and joint-stock companies Enterprises, large and medium-sized enterprises account for only 5% of the total number of enterprises in the industry. This kind of enterprise composition is also the reason why China's large-scale complete set configuration has weak production skills, and the high-level configuration is constrained by the tension of imports. At present, large state-owned production enterprises, departmental private enterprises, joint-stock companies and wholly-owned enterprises have become the main force of machinery industries such as food automatic sealing machines, but there is no domestic planning and manufacturing skills for large-scale complete configuration. 生长 The growth trend of food automatic sealing machines and other machines is concentrated in high productivity, automation, and single-product multiple results. Traditional automatic sealing machines and other machinery mostly adopt mechanical control, if the cam distribution shaft type, photoelectric control, pneumatic control and other control situations. Mechatronics skills are comprehensive skills created on the basis of information theory, cybernetics, and system theory. Using the principle of process control, the mechanical, electronic, information, and testing related skills are organically combined to achieve mechatronics and automation. It has reached the level of manufacturing of automatic sealing machines and other mechanical groups.
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