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Detailed introduction of laser removal of Apple X back cover glass and high-end screen border

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-17
I believe everyone has heard about the laser screen frame and the battery back cover glass of Apple's 8th generation and x series. The novice must be very curious. How about laser? Start to go straight to the theme: laser removal of the back cover glass: the laser can directly degumming the back cover glass, and the product powder will be under the glass. The amount of powder infiltrated into the machine is determined by the size of the gap and hole in the back cover. If the drawing does not avoid the holes and gaps, the laser points are all swept over, and the powder will enter the gaps and holes. Therefore, to avoid powder infiltration, design can be carried out from drawings, and gaps and holes can be avoided. Laser removal of screen frame: laser can degumming and separating the screen frame and liquid crystal. The frames of high-end screen assemblies are very narrow and thin, and the problem of laser processing can be said to be the force of blowing. The line size of the hit position can be freely modified. Detailed parameters dialysis: laser line width 90um, minimum character 0. 1mm, depth, ≤ 0. 5mm/≤ 1. 2mm accurate positioning: ±0. 0. 003mm expansion of common problems in laser marking: Do you have to provide drawings for laser frame removal? A: This is a wrong idea. The drawings may not be used for you. The focal length of different laser lenses is not the same size, and the adjustment level is different, which will cause errors. Is laser drawing software easy to learn? A: As long as you like computer operation, it is basically easy to get started. Before you get started, you can use other materials to simulate 【Without flammable objects] , Make a logo shop name, Draw Something. The above summary shows that there is nothing to be afraid of laser. Laser is only a tool, not a guide to us. The drawings are all floating clouds. The key is that you integrate human and machine, and play your own style, not subject to others. Point hit, line hit, round hit, all hit. First of all, you need to know which place to avoid and which place to play.
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