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Development of fiber laser marking machine in bearing marking

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-17
Fiber laser marking machine, which can mark plastic, carton packaging, metal materials and other materials by spraying codes, has long been based on the domestic and foreign markets. Then, for the bearing marking industry, it is also promoting the development to a large extent. Bearing is an important part of contemporary mechanical equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, thus reducing the friction coefficient in motion to ensure its rotation accuracy. It is reported that China's bearing industry has long been the world's largest bearing production and sales base, but there are still problems such as low R & D innovation capability and low manufacturing technology level. This is, fiber laser marking machine. As we all know, fiber laser marking machine has gradually replaced the traditional inkjet method with its advantages of fast processing speed, high marking precision and no pollution, and has become a code-spraying mark in major industries. In addition to metal materials such as hardware and plates, all kinds of non-metallic materials such as cartons, plastics and leather are applicable. Therefore, laser equipment has long been popular, especially for the bearing industry. In the several problems of the industry mentioned above, the previous bearing technology is not particularly accurate and rapid due to factors such as backward equipment and complex structure of bearings. Now, I believe the advanced fiber laser marking machine can solve the problem well. Bearing steel has the characteristics of strong wear resistance, good penetration resistance and large hardness, so it is believed that the position of the bearing industry is becoming more and more important. At this time, the fiber laser marking machine will also become a powerful driving force to promote the rapid development of the bearing industry.
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