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Development Trend of laser welding machine equipment in the next few years

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-14
As a relatively novel welding process, laser welding technology has great innovation potential. With the decline in the price of laser light sources, it can be predicted that the application of this technology will be more and more extensive. Now, ordinary consumer goods have also joined the ranks of laser welding. . . . . . The automotive industry has always been the main market for laser welding machine technology, and the arrival of the economic crisis has forced the industry to look for and establish more cost-effective production and connection processes. At present, many examples have repeatedly proved that laser welding technology is more cost-effective than other methods. If this trend continues, advanced laser welding technology will surely speed up its popularization and development. The medical technology industry has also shown a strong demand for laser welding technology. This application field has strict requirements on the high cleanliness of the manufacturing process, and laser welding technology can well meet these requirements. Compared with other commonly used connection technology, the laser welding technology does not produce welding slag and debris, does not need to use any adhesive, and can completely complete the welding work in the clean room. For example, welding balloons for Cardiac Interventional therapy catheters or similar applications strongly illustrate this problem. The manufacture of microfluidic chips requires high-precision welding process. Generally, microfluidic channels cannot be realized by other welding methods, or only other non-welding processes with high cost can be adopted. However, laser parallel welding of the edge of the micro-channel can form the channel at the same time of welding. In addition, laser welding technology can also be used to weld larger equipment, such as car taillights or similar commonly used large plastic parts. Even the welding of televisions, washing machines and other large products is no longer a problem. Laser technology company provides: Metal Laser welding machine, fiber laser welding machine, hand-held laser welding machine, robot laser welding, non-standard automatic laser welding equipment, multi-axis automatic welding equipment and other laser welding equipment. Equipment quality is superior, welcome customers to visit! Well, today's laser welding machine manufacturer Xiaobian shared the content here, if you have other questions about laser welding machine products, or want to know about our company's fully automatic laser welding machine products, you can always consult the online customer service on our website. You can also contact the telephone number on our website!
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