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Discussion on matters needing attention in use of laser fiber laser welding machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-19
Fiber laser welding machine is more and more widely used in all walks of life, and the basic knowledge of laser welding machine must be understood by everyone. Laser today for everyone to talk about the use of fiber laser welding machine precautions. In order to ensure that the laser can always be in a normal working condition, it will continue to work for about two weeks. Before starting up, the components in the optical path such as dielectric diaphragm and lens protection glass should be checked first, make sure that all optical components have no abnormal phenomena such as dust pollution and mildew. If there are any of the above phenomena, they should be dealt with in time to ensure that all optical components will not be destroyed under strong laser irradiation. ( If the application environment of the equipment is relatively clean, the above inspection can be extended to one month or even longer accordingly) The purity of cooling water is the key to ensure the laser output efficiency of fiber laser welding machine and the service life of laser condenser cavity components. The conductivity of internal circulating water should be checked once a week when in use, and the internal circulating deionized water must be replaced once a month. Pay attention to the color change of the ion replacement column in the cooling system at any time. Once it is found that the color of the resin in the replacement column turns dark brown or even black, the resin should be changed immediately. Equipment operators can often use black paper to check the laser output spot. Once the spot is found to be uneven or the energy drops, the resonant cavity of the laser should be adjusted in time to ensure the beam quality. Laser technology personnel remind everyone that when the laser directly irradiates flammable products such as wood, an open flame will be generated, during the debugging process, a piece of black metal material with good absorption performance should be set aside on the optical path of laser output as a beam Terminator to avoid causing fire accidents. The dispensing of the laser of the fiber laser welding machine must be carried out by specially trained personnel, otherwise other components on the optical path will be destroyed due to laser misalignment or misalignment.
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