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Discussion: refrigerator production need what kind of laser solutions

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-29
It is understood that the pipe welding of freezer usually include diameter of about 2 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm of copper - Aluminum, aluminum - Aluminum, copper - Iron pipe. And refrigerator pipeline welding, will make the basic assembly after forming, the whole body to carry out, this means that require the use of line pipe welding processing, rather than offline. Wall copper pipe welding, the author see operator on production line is still use manual flame brazing, the operator must first reached into the refrigerator, put the pipe position, and alignment welding, welding time takes more than 10 seconds of each joint, need 30 - the whole welding process 40 seconds, the efficiency is not high, and the safety is lower, because the refrigerator is public appliances, mass production, so the artificial workload is very big also. And flame brazing produce the heat affected zone of large, prone to damage on the surrounding components. In addition to the refrigerator, the air conditioning manufacturers pipe welding and manual welding basically. Some home appliance manufacturers also revealed that also urgently need to be looking for welding automation solution, instead of manual operation, the laser technology has become a consideration of choice. However, because the refrigerator cabinet space is limited, in the narrow space to realize flexible welding, there are still some challenges in the process. Platen washing machine inner cylinder processing, machinery and equipment (said ehud Shapiro family Shanghai) Co. , LTD. , general manager of Dr He Xuhui speech in the meeting by using multiple video to let audience understand real roller plate bending forming, and the process of welding seam. United win laser, deputy general manager of cattle enhancement, according to Dr Company in laser processing for many home appliance enterprise mature solutions, including laser welding in solar heat absorption plate also has a mature experience. At the same time, he also said that the current domestic electrical appliances enterprise introduction of laser technology progress is not enough, hope that the future can improve laser technology utilization rate, at the same time also hope that the domestic enterprises to actively laser with home appliance enterprises to explore, custom fit production solution. Home appliance enterprises also had issues on the edge of the plastic parts cutting, 3 - 4 mm thick plate cutting, at the current mechanical cutting, manual cutting way can appear more burrs, dimension precision error is very large, often affect the accuracy of the size, and if use laser cutting, can get a clean edge trimming, avoid this problem. As for the refrigerator door plank of shell can at the time of assembly to realize laser welding suture, is also a problem. Because the shell in production have already finished spray paint coating, late if continue to use high-energy laser welding, so will probably destroy casing uniform coating, lead to not beautiful, the feasibility of the laser, also need to discuss, explore, experiment. Refrigerator inner need punching processing, small air holes is 0. 5 mm, number, and the pipe through the hole, the diameter of 5 - 6 mm, small number, and threading hole is about more than 10 mm. The tank material thickness is 3. 8 mm ABS or 4. 5 mm HIPS plastic. Technology is currently using punch tool for percussive drill hole, and this is one aspect of the future can consider using laser drilling. Because in production, the individual refrigerator parts finished product due to stress, will produce deformation, so we need to accurate measurement and guarantee the quality of the refrigerator, now basically is to use manual measuring method. This problem for precision measurement, da-cheng wang of wuyi university professor suggested that the introduction of laser measuring equipment, automation, digital display is placed the measured results, it can fast accurate product size whether to conform to the requirements of the assembly.
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