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Do you know how many kinds of mineral water

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-12
Many people only know that mineral water is good, but don't know enough for the classification of mineral water, according to the characteristics of mineral water meet the national standard of the main types of components are divided into nine categories. Today, let's to popularize the knowledge ~ 1, metasilicate mineral water metasilicate of 25 mg/L or mineral water is called metasilicate mineral water. Metasilicate with similar biological effects of calcium, magnesium, can promote the growth of bones and teeth, bone calcification and prevention of osteoporosis. Metasilicate cardiovascular health care function to human body, metasilicate has good softening vascular function to human body, can make the person of blood vessel walls keep elasticity and so on atherosclerosis, cardiovascular and heart disease can have obvious relief. The water content of silicon and negatively correlated to the rate of cardiovascular disease. Metasilicate is human body skin connective tissue, articular cartilage and joint required element in the connective tissue, has increases the skin elasticity, keep the integrity of the elastic fibers surrounding tissue function. Drinking mineral water rich in metasilicate, often can make the skin keep burnish, white and tender. And the mineral water spray directly on the face of hairdressing method is becoming more and more favored by many beautiful women. 2, sr mineral water strontium acuity 0. 2 mg/L water called sr mineral water. Usually containing strontium in mineral water to drink up taste salty, is because of containing strontium. Strontium is essential for bone growth material, it can promote the formation of bone and osteoid, human body lack of strontium, will hinder metabolism, produce the symptom such as abnormal teeth and bone. Sr mineral water can reduce human body to absorb sodium, increase the excretion of sodium, softening effects of human aortic sclerosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar on disease, cardiovascular disease, arteriosclerosis, there are some relief. 3, zinc mineral zinc 0 or higher. 2 mg/L of mineral water is called zinc mineral water. Zinc in the body of sexual development, sexual function, the formation of reproductive cells can play a pivotal role. Zinc on growth and development of infants and children is more important, can also enhance the appetite of children. In zinc deficiency, adolescent developmental delays, characterized by slow growth, gnome, genital dysplasia. Zinc can enhance wound tissue regeneration, accelerate the sores, acne, trauma healing. So, when we were injured is necessary to add zinc. Zinc can also enhance the body's immune function. In addition, zinc also have protection to prevent elderly sensorineural deafness. Adults need zinc 10 - every day 15 mg, children about zinc every day 0. 3 mg/kg body weight. The zinc content in animal protein is more. Numerous studies have demonstrated that give priority to with grains of countries, especially in the backward area, the crowd zinc deficiency is quite common. Zinc mineral water is not too much in our country, has found that the zinc mineral water should be developed very well. 4, lithium mineral water lithium acuity 0. 2 mg/L of mineral water is called lithium mineral water. Tell from medical Angle, lithium for light metals, can enhance the body's immune function, improve the hematopoietic function, promote the calming, sedative, nerve disorder, regulating central nervous. Human daily intake of lithium 0. About 1 mg, but lithium content in the food was not high, the lack of lithium, lithium can be targeted to supplement some mineral water. 5, selenium mineral selenium 0 or higher. 01 mg/L of mineral water is called selenium mineral water. Selenium with antioxidant, anti-cancer effect such as tumor suppression, the value is human body essential trace element, selenium mineral water, often drinking can increase the cell activity, effective prevention of tumor and cancer, the increasingly serious environmental pollution, tumor patients of increased gradually, to drink the selenium mineral water is also a good choice. 6, bromine water bromide 1 or more. Mineral water of 0 is called bromine mineral water. Here can not according to bromate bromide, bromate to body harm is great, so should be kept separate, tag contains bromate, try not to buy. 7, iodine mineral water iodine acuity 0. 01 mg/L of mineral water is called iodine mineral water. Although iodine is the essential element in human body, but excessive intake of iodine is not desirable. Long-term excessive intake, for example, kelp, laver, moss, fish these high iodine food will lead to hyperthyroidism. 8, carbonated mineral water free carbon dioxide of 250 mg/L or mineral water is called carbonated mineral water. Drinking carbonated mineral water can promote the secretion of digestive juice, promote gastrointestinal motility, digestion, increase appetite. Also can strengthen the kidney water ejection, washing organization and diuretic effect, therefore on the digestive tract gastrointestinal problems, gastroptosis, duodenal ulcer, chronic hepatitis, constipation, gallstones, pyelitis, catarrhal cystitis and chronic laryngitis, bronchitis and so on all has a good relief. 9, salt water soluble total solid of 1000 mg/L or mineral water is called the salt mineral water. Salt water is contained in the human body need sodium or other solutes, sodium is the intrinsic element of the body tissues and fluids, and adjust it to maintain cell system plays a significant role in water and salt balance. Sodium is muscle contraction, regulating cardiovascular function and improve the function of the digestive system indispensable elements, the human daily intake of about 4400 mg of sodium, so drinking mineral water containing sodium in moderation.
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