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Do you know these advantages of box bag filling machine? Hurry up to collect!

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-03
The bag-in-box filling machine is suitable for a wide range of bottle types, such as barrels, bottles and pots, with large adjustable measuring range and high quantitative accuracy. Computer automatic control, touch color screen operation, convenient, fast and accurate, to achieve full automation, and equipped with automatic chain protection device, memory with intermittent motion and continuous motion two working modes. Equipped with electrical linkage, reliable work, low failure rate, high technology content, is the choice of automatic liquid quantitative filling. Advantages of box bag filling machine 1. Fast speed: take filling 3 liters of red wine as an example, 300 to 400 bags can be produced per hour. 2. Energy saving: the power of the main machine of the bag-in-box filling machine is less than 400 watts, and the air pump of the 700W30L storage tank consumes less than one degree of electricity per hour. 3, save labor: a device only needs one person to operate, can also do related preparations when the equipment is filled. Only one more person is needed to cooperate with packing, sealing and palletizing to complete production. 4. Convenient installation: The bag-in-box filling machine has been adjusted according to the customer's requirements before leaving the factory, and only needs to be powered on after arriving at the customer's factory (220 V), Compressed air, material pipe. Fine-tuning the filling quantity and pallet height according to the actual situation can be put into production. 5. Simple operation: The box bag filling machine is controlled by touch screen PLC, which is a real fool. PLC has strong anti-interference ability and stable execution ability. 6. Accurate Measurement: The bag-in-box filling machine adopts different measurement systems according to different materials, and can also be specified by the user! Optional gauges include but are not limited to turbine flow meters, electromagnetic flow meters, mass flow meters, electronic scales. 7. Stable work: through continuous optimization of mechanical structure, the whole machine does not need Position Sensors. PLC, solenoid valve, touch screen, etc. all use large brand products, with extremely low failure rate and improved work stability. The above is the advantage of the bag filling machine in the box. I have read these contents and I hope to help you better use them. If you need the bag filling machine in the box, the aseptic filling machine is welcome to inquire.
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