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Do you understand the hand-held laser welding machine?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-27
When it comes to welding, friends who basically do 'metal' have to contact. With the development of laser cutting, it is now derived from laser welding to subvert the traditional welding process. Hand-held laser welding machine is flexible and convenient, easy to operate, unconstrained in welding distance, equipped with professional welding software, small heat-affected area, no deformation, no blackening, large welding depth and firm welding. Meet the welding requirements of various types of metal plates. Characteristics of hand-held laser welding machine: small equipment volume; Flexible and convenient operation, outdoor welding can be realized; Good beam quality, fast speed, small thermal deformation, precision and high integration; The weld is beautiful, flat and free of pores, and does not need to be treated or simply treated after welding; Hand-held welding gun can realize welding of workpieces at any angle and is suitable for spot welding of complex welds and various devices; Advantages of hand-held laser welding machine: first, the requirement for operators is reduced. One machine can save two welders a year; No professional training is required, and ordinary employees are operable; To solve the problems of difficult training, more living and less supporting; Second, the improvement of welding quality of hand-held laser welding machine can complete the welding tasks that ordinary welding machines cannot complete; Non-contact welding can be carried out at special corner positions; The workpiece is not deformed, the weld seam is beautiful, there is no welding slag, and the welding depth is large; Third, the efficiency of hand-held laser welding machine is improved: the subsequent cost is reduced; The working efficiency is 5-10 times; Can connect tooling and robot automatic welding; The laser life is 100,000 hours (40 years), Far greater than the service life of ordinary equipment; There is no need for welding consumables, and the grinding work of welding scars is basically gone, greatly reducing the use cost;
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