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Does laser engraving mobile phone shell make money? What is the prospect of laser engraving mobile phone shell?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-13
The development of mobile phone shell is no longer a simple practical product. With the popularity of the young community, almost every young person who pursues fashion hopes to have a unique machine shell. Giving the machine a shell beauty has gradually become a way for them to show their personality. In order to cater to this trend, the manufacturers of protective covers have introduced many products with more sophisticated workmanship and more unique color patterns. This makes the types of protective covers more diversified. The merchant also launched a personalized carving on the shell, engraved with his own name, a blessing, a photo of himself, etc. , which is more personalized and unique. These are all realized for consumers through laser engraving of mobile phone cases by laser marking machine. Does laser engraving mobile phone shell make money? What is the prospect of laser engraving mobile phone shell? First, the laser marking machine is divided into portable laser marking machine and desktop laser marking machine. Some fiber laser marking machines can be bought at a price of less than 20 thousand for 20 w. The initial investment is relatively small. Second, the operation of laser marking machine is easy to use. Three, laser marking machine can also be called metal laser marking machine, can be carved in a variety of blue small license plate, mobile phone shell, metal pendant, and the cost of these raw materials is very low, each license plate net profit in 10- Between 20 yuan, you can take orders at scenic spots or online, and make a license plate or mobile phone case on average one minute. (For reference only) Laser engraving mobile phone shell actually sells the service of laser engraving instead of mobile phone shell, and the implementer of this service is only a laser marking machine. So, as long as investors themselves do master the technology of laser engraving mobile phone shell, can meet the needs of customers, want to make money is actually very easy, in general, laser engraving mobile phone shell prospects should be good.
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