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Dongguan water treatment equipment for a meeting of project management software development project

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-05
Dongguan water treatment equipment water treatment equipment company network news to further improve the level of project management, accelerate the development and construction project management software platform, the morning of December 29, the dongguan water treatment equipment for a meeting of project management software development project. Dongguan water treatment equipment, deputy party secretary, general manager, director of ShiFan to attend the meeting, the relevant units and departments to attend the meeting. From dongguan city water treatment equipment, software company project management platform, platform construction direction function is introduced, business process, highlight, implementation plan and so on the overall plan of the entire software development is introduced, which can realize the project construction plan, project, construction process management, contract management, financial planning and allocated, project acquisition, supervision, quality and safety, project acceptance, hand over the whole process of project management, realize the resource sharing, improve the work efficiency. Relevant units combined with work reality put forward concrete opinions and Suggestions, unified thinking, speak freely, make recommendations. The leaders in combination with the engineering management software development, and puts forward the specific job requirements. Water treatment equipment water treatment equipment co. , LTD. Dongguan dongguan ShiFan points out, one is the various units, departments should attach great importance to the development of engineering software, a personally stresses, by improving the software platform to promote more to a new level in engineering management; The second is to strengthen communication between departments, give full play to the role of each unit, we will do our best to help the software development of security work; Third, takes office responsible earnestly, strictly implement the responsibility, will each unit software platform development work completion in 2019 performance appraisal content, unite by the corporate governance strategy assessment; Four is to through software platform to improve project management level, make process streamlined, so as to improve service efficiency, to provide customer service security work. In accordance with the requirements for the meeting, customer development, software development company after the meeting will further units, further research software development demand, to ensure that the software development work and running on schedule.
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