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Double-headed automatic box bag filling machine it adopts flowmeter pulse metering method

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-05
The double-head automatic box bag filling machine adopts flowmeter pulse metering method, integrates electromechanical and pneumatic, adopts clean, energy-saving and environment-friendly compressed air as the main power, and is coordinated by PLC with man-machine interface (Touch screen) Control, novel design, compact structure and beautiful appearance. It has the characteristics of accurate measurement, friendly interface, stable and reliable performance, high degree of automation, simple operation, convenient maintenance, etc. It is suitable for filling daily grease, wine and other non-granular liquids. Compared with bottled water, the advantages of bagged water are mainly reflected in: 1. There is no secondary pollution and cross infection in the production, transportation and consumption of bagged water, which fully meets the national health standards. According to the relevant departments, the unqualified rate of bottled water in summer is as high as 60 kg, while the bag water has hardly appeared; 2, the bag water is made of disposable flexible packaging, there is no pressure of the turnover barrel will not take up too much liquidity, production equipment and; 3. The shelf life of bagged water is long, which can expand the sales radius like bottled water and easily create enterprise brands nationwide; 4. As a new thing, bagged water has gone from the initial imperfection to the development stage after several years of exploration, now there are major breakthroughs and improvements in terms of production equipment, production technology, drinking water and marketing methods, which provide a reliable guarantee for enterprises that will go to this project in the future. In order to avoid the increasingly fierce competition market of barreled water, it is a very good choice for barreled water production enterprises to get out of the predicament to choose the bag water industry with broad market space, small competition pressure and even blank market; Working principle the double-head automatic box bag filling machine adopts flowmeter and PLC metering method, with high filling accuracy. The filling quantity adjustment can be adjusted to the required filling quantity by simply clicking the adjustment value on the touch screen, which is very convenient. The operation is simple: just push the bag mouth gently into the bayonet position of the filling position, and the filling machine will automatically complete all actions of pulling, filling and capping. No manual auxiliary operation is required. This machine is equipped with vacuum function to avoid secondary pollution of filling materials.
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