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Electronic components: laser technology application and upgrade

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-18
Laser is a new light source in the 1960 s. Because the laser has good directionality, high brightness, good monochromaticity, and widely used. Based on different physical properties of various types of laser technology has been widely used in various fields. Laser emission and measurement technology, laser radar is expected to become the future unmanned hardware entrance to launch technology is the foundation of laser application, the traditional applications have been relatively mature, such as laser level, laser out most as the scale in the field of construction engineering; Laser measurement is a combination of laser transmitting, receiving and processing system, recording time back scattering of laser, so as to calculate distance, displacement and other information. Mainly used in the field of laser measurement from one dimensional laser rangefinder, 2 d laser radar, the three-dimensional 3 d laser scanner and laser radar is a technology peacekeeping application module integration process. Future mobile navigation of intelligent equipment and space perception will give preference to radar system represented by laser radar, laser system is expected to become the future unmanned hardware entrance. Laser processing and forming technology of the physical basis are focused laser beam of light after heating, and from the laser processing to the laser forming, cutting, welding to 3 d printing is also space and application of an upgrade process. Laser 3 d printers are based on the system targets within a shape parameter, using laser heating technology to metals, ceramics, plastic, sand and other printed materials in the location specified melt and bond forming step by step a three-dimensional material technology. The application of the traditional laser processing technology such as laser marking machine, cutting machine, welding machine and so on have been relatively mature. And laser 3 d printing application still has great room to improve, on the one hand, by improving the parent material can effectively improve the mechanical properties of workpiece to apply to a wider range of areas, on the other hand laser and CNC system upgrade will make single machine can meet the demand of more personalized. Laser printing technology in the future in the development of these two aspects, for the advanced manufacturing opens up the imagination space. Now laser inertial navigation technology has been used in military navigation laser gyroscope, etc. ; Laser display technology is applied to the laser TV, etc. ; Quantum dot lasers in new quantum device and quantum communication shows a broad application prospect. In addition, the laser also has a lot of exploration and application of the new frontier, big imagination space in the future. Laser processing laser technology
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