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Engraving equipment for food packaging laser marking machine to make consumers more assured

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-26
In the 21st century, what industry is developing faster, 'Food is the most important thing for the people', of course, the food industry is developing faster. And food packaging requirements are getting higher and higher, the production date on the packaging materials, food bar code and other engraving is particularly important, so that consumers are more assured of the engraving equipment is the food packaging laser marking machine. Why does Xiao Bian say this? The production date of food packaging materials, the use of laser marking machine to engrave the commodity bar code has a long mark, the inkjet bar code can be simply erased, but the food industry traces the long mark symbol, this laser marking machine can be better realized. Since the engraving mark of the laser marking machine has a long label, you can prove that the engraved trademark can better prevent counterfeiters from tampering according to its security, so that consumers can choose at will, don't worry about buying 'fake goods' any more.
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