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Equipment Installation technology of laser marking machine manufacturers

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-15
As the most advanced laser equipment at present, I believe many people do not know how to assemble the laser marking machine. In this article, the technical experts of the laser marking machine manufacturer will explain it carefully. Laser marking machine installation requirements: 1, the customer should provide the main power supply to support at least 2500 w single-phase AC power supply, and the equipment we provide must be installed in the main power supply air switch, protection, Triangle plug is strictly prohibited; 2, the use of deionized water circulation tank cooling water is the best, no deionized water, can replace distilled water; The circulating cooling water should be replaced in time after being used for a period of time (At least two weeks of water is recommended), So as not to affect the efficiency of the laser; 3, laser marking machine should be as clean as possible, 10 ℃ to 35 ℃ environment, keep dry, dust-free optical equipment. Usually need to ensure the independent closed workshop, to ensure that the indoor temperature, the ground should be ground paint or tiles, the installation of air conditioning; Matters needing attention in the installation of laser marking machine: 1. It is strictly prohibited to contact hands, cotton yarn and hard objects on the surface of optical parts. It is forbidden to blow off the components with the mouth. Only ear washing balls can be used to remove dust and pollution, gently wipe with long fiber absorbent cotton or lens paper; 2, in order to ensure that the equipment can be effectively run for a long time, in the use of the process every 8 hours down 20 minutes (Or when the equipment is not in use, please close it in time) , To ensure that the equipment can be effectively broken, to prevent long-term use of equipment caused by long-term overheating of the machine. 3, optical elements in the environment of the laser marking equipment requirements are relatively high, the humidity in the air, the dust can not be too large, can not have a strong source of interference and vibration source. Equipment installation conditions usually need to maintain a separate closed workshop, the ground should be ground paint or tiles, it is recommended to install air conditioning. 4. Laser is a kind of light. As a new discipline, its precision equipment, operation and maintenance personnel must have professional knowledge and technology. Carry out daily maintenance and check whether the media diaphragm is clean and unbalanced, whether the laser rod end is polluted, and whether the water tank is clean, etc. at regular intervals.
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