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Explanation of built-in laser configuration structure of fiber laser marking machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-23
We have shared a lot of knowledge about the performance classification of laser marking machines through the previous articles. Today, the laser editor will analyze and explain the internal structure of the fiber laser marking machine for everyone, let everyone know more about laser marking machine. The structure of the laser of the fiber laser marking machine is the same as that of the laser marking machine, which is modularized and integrated, the interior is not as mysterious as we imagined and is full of unknown and unreliable dangers, but it is undeniable that it is a product of wisdom under highly civilized conditions and belongs to high-tech derivatives. At the same time, its technical threshold is higher than the modular integration of the fiber laser marking machine, and the requirements for the objective conditions of the practitioners, the environment, the tools and other aspects are higher. This also increases the curiosity about the laser of the fiber laser marking machine, and many of the practitioners of the fiber laser marking machine have never seen the internal structure of the laser, let alone the customer? The modules of the laser include light emitting diode, acousto-optic Q-switching, Q-lighting, PCB circuit board, fan, heat dissipation module, optical fiber, temperature feedback control measurement module, beam expansion module, transmission optical fiber, etc, this is just to satisfy everyone's curiosity and not to discuss any technology. What we can understand from the modules in the above figure is that even if the power of the laser is attenuated or damaged due to some reasons, some modules need to be replaced or repaired, in fact, it is the same as the desktop computer we went to repair and assemble. However, no matter how after the insurance is over-guaranteed, customers always have to bear some maintenance costs, so customers need special protection during use, especially under harsh environmental conditions, they need to strengthen protection, such as sand, dust, overheating and other conditions need to pay attention to strengthen regular maintenance, and optical fiber is easy to damage, in the process of moving need to protect, especially hand-held or split fiber laser marking machine, need attention. In the internal structure of the laser of the fiber laser marking machine, each module has its unique function, which is integrated to realize the transmission of high-energy light beams, the processing of materials is realized through optical devices such as vibrating mirror and lens. There are some differences in the structure of lasers from different manufacturers, which are similar in function and larger in stability, it is also an important factor that mainly determines the price, service life and stability of fiber laser marking machine.
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