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Explore how lithium battery laser welding machine ranks first in new energy welding?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-25
From the perspective of the previous welding equipment, the lithium battery welding machine adopts the operation mode of argon arc welding equipment, but the current equipment market has been gradually replaced by laser welding equipment, because the traditional argon arc welding has uncontrollable energy, defects such as poor spot welding positioning accuracy directly lead to black or other serious welding surfaces. In addition, the welding processing surface is rough, the non-welding area is seriously deformed, and the welding speed is slow. It can be regarded as a lot of lithium battery manufacturers. With the development of technology, new energy welding equipment, namely lithium battery laser welding machine, has appeared in the current market. Laser welding is adopted to solve all the shortcomings of traditional welding methods, it is deeply welcomed by the majority of lithium battery welding manufacturers and has been widely used. Laser energy is the renewable energy with no pollution and no radiation advocated by the country, and it is an important part of the application of new energy in the future. From the market, Shenzhen lithium battery laser welding machines all use laser as welding tools, it has promoted the development of battery quality in the international electronic capital like Huaqiang North, and also promoted the upgrading of Shenzhen lithium battery laser welding machine technology. Manufacturers of laser welding equipment like Shenzhen laser have grown because of the background of the development of this new energy laser technology, and the products have been exported on a large scale, at the same time, it has become an important manufacturer of lithium battery laser welding machines in China. Lithium battery laser welding machine equipment related technical parameters:
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