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Exploring the mystery of lithium battery polar ear laser welding process

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-25
The quality of battery welding is related to the safety of users. It can be said that battery is also a kind of fast consumer goods, and it is also very extensive in application and usage, especially wearable electronic products, the problem of battery quality and safety is very serious. How to have welding problems in products is easy to cause the outflow or even burst of materials inside the battery, which affects the health and safety of users. In the past, the reason why mobile phone battery explosion and other phenomena often occurred was mostly due to the potential safety hazard left by the poor welding quality of the battery. In this regard, the battery welding problem has attracted the attention of battery manufacturers, and began to look for better welding production equipment, and the choice of battery welding machine type laser welding machine has become their first choice, compared with the traditional welding method, laser welding technology level is higher, the benefit is considerable, security issues have also been better solved. What are the advantages of using battery laser welding machine? 1. The laser equipment covers a small area and can release a large amount of space for other flexible arrangements; 2, laser welding without air and noise pollution, no dust, is a new source of products, more suitable for the use of high-tech dust-free workshop; 3. The power consumption rate of laser is low, the electro-optic conversion rate is high, the equipment loss is low, the maintenance cost is also greatly reduced, the production cost is reduced, and the production profit of the manufacturer is improved; 4. Laser welding can adjust the welding speed, welding depth, welding width, etc. according to the requirements, and can achieve accurate control, adapt to the welding of different materials and products, achieve accurate welding, and the quality is more reliable, the appearance is more tidy; In short, the battery laser welding machine will become the first choice for battery enterprises, because it has various advantages and is well known by entrepreneurs. In the next few years, the battery laser welding machine will realize large-scale popularization, it has become the standard configuration for quality and safety in the battery industry.
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