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Face mask machine

Face mask machine


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Mask machine is a multi-layer non-woven cloth through hot pressing, folding and forming, ultrasonic welding, waste removal, ear and nose strip welding and other processes to produce a variety of masks with certain filtering performance. Mask equipment is not a single machine, it requires the cooperation of multiple machines to complete various processes.

Popular masks in the market include: cup mask machine, non-woven flat mask machine, N95 mask machine, 3M9001/9002 folding mask machine, duck mouth mask machine, three-dimensional dust mask machine, etc.

Mask machine, mask production machinery, the current market mask machine :HD-0301 plane mask machine, HD-0304 cup mask machine, duck mouth mask machine, mask folding machine, gauze mask machine.

Plane mask machine series can be divided into: inner ear mask machine, outer ear mask machine and binding mask machine according to the welding method and using method of ear band. The production of these three plane masks all requires the mask machine, which is an indispensable part of plane mask.

Mask machine is to serve for mass production of all types of masks, such as: planar mask, cup mask, duck mouth mask, etc.

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Full-automatic mask machine features:

1.The advanced servo and constant temperature control system is adopted to complete the material from entering, forming, welding, punching and cutting once through PLC program control, and the whole production process is fully automated.

2. The equipment only needs to be equipped with an automatic cup-type mask welding machine for nose bridge and ear band, which can produce numerous types of cup-type mask products with tight market sales.

3. The products are exquisitely made and the quality completely meets or exceeds the domestic and foreign testing standards.At the same time than the previous market mask equipment more than 30% of the material.Thus the realization of the real sense to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

N95 mask machineMask production machine, including feeding, plastic strip type aluminum strip insert/unplug, selection, ultrasonic fusion, slicing and other automatic completion of the whole process, high output, can produce 1-200 pieces per minute.Main power frequency conversion speed regulation, can be fast or slow, using different materials can produce different masks, products have two, three, and the product quality is stable, easy to operate, low noise, small floor space. 

Applicable material: spunbonded filament non-woven fabric, 16-30 g/m2 suitable for processing disposable masksN95 cup mask machineHot pressing: shape the raw material of mask (non-woven cloth) with the form of overheat pressing (cup shape).

1. including automatic return action and feeding rack;

2. shape one piece of masks at a time.Section: used to make the outer layer (protective layer) of the cup mask. Special alloy steel is used to make the flower wheel, with the edge resistant to wear and the long life of the product being adjusted by the core, which is flexible, fast and high level.Ultrasonic wave is used to process the special steel wheel, which does not hurt the cloth edge and does not need preheating when manufacturing without burr, and can be operated continuously Blanking: Press the inside and outside of the maskCutting edge: Cut the extra edge of the mask by pneumatic stamping.

Breathing valve welding: Welding respirator valveWelding area :130mmSpeed :20-30 PCS/minFuselage integrated structure, with safety adjustment calibration control;Computer intelligent control, accuracy up to one thousandth of a second;The mold level adjustment body motor automatically rises, falls, the base level adjustment.Earband spot welder: speed :8-12 pieces /min can be used for welding plane, inner ear band/outer ear band, standard mask, duck mouth mask and other special-shaped masks.After the mask body is made, the earband is manually welded.

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Folding planar mask machine

Ultrasonic inner face mask machine, ultrasonic welding way when moved to the processing of respirator, ultrasonic automatic generation, formed in the ear with small amplitude of high frequency vibration, and instantly converted into heat, melt the materials to be processed, and finally make the ears with permanent paste or preparetions in mask body inside, are the last line of the inner ear wearing surgical masks production processing process, only one operator will mask body pieces placed in mask disc, finished follow-up actions to complete automatic operation of equipment.

Work flow :(mask body) manual feeding → automatic feeding of ear belt → ultrasonic ear belt welding → non-woven fabric edge bringing and wrapping → ultrasonic edge belt welding → edge belt cutting → finished product output → counting → finished product stacking → conveyor belt device sending out.

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Folding mask machine

Mask folding machine, also known as C-type mask machine, is an automatic machine for folding mask body production. It USES ultrasonic technology to bond 3-5 layers of PP non-woven cloth, activated carbon and filtering materials, and cut out the folding mask body. It can process 3M 9001, 9002 and other mask bodies.

According to the different raw materials used, the masks produced can meet different standards such as FFP1, FFP2, N95 and so on. The ear band is elastic non-woven cloth, which makes the wearer's ears comfortable and free of pressure. The filter layer of the mask has good filtering effect, which perfectly fits the Asian face shape, and can be applied to high-pollution industries such as construction and mining industry.


1. It can process the folding mask body such as 3M 9001 and 9002 in one process.

2. PLC automatic control, automatic counting.

3. Simple adjusting device, easy refueling.

4. The mold can be quickly replaced by extraction and replacement to produce different types of masks.

Mouth mask machine

Automatic ultrasonic duck-billed mask machine (duck-billed mask manufacturing machine) is a machine which USES the principle of ultrasonic seamless fusion to produce duck-billed mask suitable for high pollution industry.

The machine mask body part can use 4-10 layers of PP non-woven cloth and filtering materials (such as melting spraying cloth, activated carbon materials, etc.), so as to produce masks with various filtering levels up to N95,FFP2 and other finished products.

Moreover, the machine is highly automated, and the finished products are automatically processed in one line: automatic feeding of raw materials, independent nose line conveying system, and the nose line can be automatically folded in non-woven fabric, automatic folding and finished product cutting, and can be automatically attached breathing valve hole. The finished product produced by this duck-billed mask machine is beautiful in appearance; This machine has stable performance, high yield, low defect rate and easy operation.

Duck bill mask machine Features:

I. Automatic feeding system

2. Folding forming system

3. Ultrasonic thermal bonding system

The machine has stable performance, continuous adjustable production speed, high production efficiency, up to 60 pieces per minute, convenient and accurate counting, high utilization rate of raw materials, simple and convenient operation and adjustment, high degree of automation, effectively reducing labor costs.

Folding bandage mask machine

Ultrasonic mask bind belt machine adopts ultrasonic welding method, on the machine set the conveyer, the conveyer input masks semi-finished products, through the tube package edge, again with ultrasonic flowers round after pressing, cutting the bind, thus the output of finished product, only one mask ontology in the transmission of the machine, the rest of the follow-up work are completed fully automatic.

Features of ultrasonic mask binding machine:

1. The frame is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, light and beautiful in appearance and free from rust.

2. Automatic counting can effectively control production efficiency and production schedule.

3. Frequency conversion control, which can adjust the running speed of the equipment according to actual needs

4. Pull cartridge feeding, more accurate positioning, can make the width of raw materials control to the minimum, save cost.

5. The length and size of finished products are uniformly controlled, with a deviation of ±1mm, which can effectively control the length of finished products.

6. High degree of automation, low requirements for operating staff, only need to put materials and finish the finished products.

7. This machine adopts Taiwan ultrasonic system and Japanese transducer with stable performance and easy operation.

8. The automatic ultrasonic welding wheel is made of imported high-quality steel DC53, which extends the life of the mold and makes it wear and durable.

Folding ear mask machine

The outer ear mask machine fuses elastic bands on the two sides of the mask body in ultrasonic wave mode to complete the finished earband mask. Only one operator needs to place the mask body one piece at a time on the conveyor belt, and the rest of the subsequent actions until the finished product is automatically operated by the machine. The output of this machine is higher than that of the general ear mask machine.

Ultrasonic ear mask wearing machine parameters:

Machine size :2646(L)*620(W)*1750(H)m/m

Voltage: single phase 220V

Production: 45 to 55 PCS/min

Pneumatic: 6 kg/cm2

Power: 3 kw

The mask body size must be fixed

Ultrasonic ear mask wearing machine features:

1. machine is compact, small in volume and does not take up space

2. plc program control, high stability, low failure rate.

3 whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, beautiful and firm without rust;

4. photoelectric detection, reduce the error rate.

5. weld strength of lug can be adjusted.


How to select mask machine from mask machine manufacturer

In modern society, due to the continuous deterioration of the natural environment and the strengthening of people's awareness of protection, the market demand for disposable medical masks and protective masks is expanding. Many customers are keenly aware of this opportunity and want to get involved in the industry of mask production.

However, I am not familiar with the mask production process, raw material procurement, selection of mask manufacturers, planning of mask production workshop, and industry standards of mask production. Therefore, I feel blind and confused when inquiring and consulting relevant information and making relevant budget.

Here are some common sense facts about the ultrasonic mask machine to help customers who are ready to make a difference in the mask manufacturing industry shine a little light in the fog and know where to go:

First of all, masks are simply divided into planar masks and three-dimensional masks in appearance. Planar masks are mostly used in the medical industry, while three-dimensional masks are mostly used for daily protection.

This article mainly for the ultrasonic plane mask machine (ultrasonic medical mask machine) purchase.

Secondly: Planar mask machine series can be divided into: inner ear mask machine production line, outer ear mask machine production line and binding mask machine production line according to the welding method and using method of ear band.

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