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Fiber laser welding machine factory price big reveal secret

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-17
If someone asks how much is the price of a fiber laser welding machine? Presumably many people want to come in and learn about it. In fact, for the price of optical fiber laser welding machine equipment, no one can insist on the price of optical fiber laser welding machine on the market. It is not like some commodities on the market have fixed prices, therefore, if you want to know the price of fiber laser welding machine roughly, you must start with the laser welding machine manufacturer. So how much does the optical fiber laser welding machine cost? This is also uncertain, but according to my years of work in the laser welding industry, I have sorted out several factors that can directly image the price of fiber laser welding machines. From the perspective of these factors, only then can you know roughly how much the fiber laser welding machine equipment you bought is. Let's analyze whether the factors I mentioned are correct. 1. If the brands of the manufacturers are different, the price will be different. I think everyone knows better than me. For the enterprise, the brand is compared with the existence of 'face, merchants with good brands are often the preferred suppliers for users. Not only is the laser technology advanced, but the accessories of the selected laser welding machine are also different, so the price of the laser welding machine will be different because of the brand. 2. The view that the configuration is high and low, and the price of the image is the direct factor of the price change of the image fiber laser welding machine. Many merchants have also tried their best to praise their products, how low the price is, but the quality is reduced in configuration. As the saying goes, a penny, a penny. If the quality is not good, the price is useless, so we can't just look at the price when buying. 3, the equipment model is different, the price is also very different, this actually can not directly image the price of the equipment, the general general type of fiber laser welding machine is about tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, however, if your production wants to be fully automated instead of labor costs, then the price of the equipment you buy will be much higher than the price of the universal fiber laser welding machine, this is the so-called price difference caused by different equipment models. In fact, there are still many factors affecting the price of an optical fiber laser welding machine. The above are only some factors, such as: whether it includes tax, equipment warranty cost, etc. We also hope that you can combine what we have described above to understand. Although the price of laser welding machine is high, if you want to buy it, buy it and choose a guaranteed big brand manufacturer.
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