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Fiber laser welding machine _ technical principle advantage analysis?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-17
Speaking of laser welding machine, I believe that friends who have known it and friends in the industry will not be unfamiliar. Laser welding machine is actually a new type of welding technology derived from the era of science and technology, it is famous for its high efficiency, convenience and high precision, so it has gradually replaced the traditional welding process and applied it to various industries. So we all know how much we know about laser welding machines? What are the advantages of fiber laser welding machine? Today, Shenzhen laser Xiaobian will share it for everyone. Let's take a look at it: laser welding has high energy density, which can form a weld with large depth and width, and the weld heat affected zone is small, beautiful Weld and other advantages. It has been more and more widely used in the welding field, especially in advanced manufacturing industries such as national defense and military industry, such as aerospace, shipbuilding, automobiles and parts, railway locomotives, etc. Laser welding machines have begun to play a vital role! In recent years, with the continuous development of high-power fiber laser technology, high-power fiber lasers have been widely used in industry. Like other lasers, high-power fiber lasers are also composed of pump source, gain medium and optical resonant cavity. The difference is that the gain medium is usually a double-clad fiber. Double-clad fiber is an optical fiber with a special structure, which adds an inner cladding layer to the traditional fiber. This fiber structure increases the pump length and greatly improves the pump efficiency, thus increasing the output power of the fiber laser by several orders of magnitude. This is also one of the advantages worth mentioning in fiber laser welding machine. OK, the article said more, also can't reach your consultation, want to know more about the fiber laser welding machine equipment information, welcome to consult our website online customer service! Well, today's laser welding machine manufacturer Xiaobian shared the content today, if you have other questions about laser welding machine products, or want to know about our company's products, you can always consult the online customer service on our website. . . . . .
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