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Filling machine equipment in urgent need of scientific research support

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-10
Today, the triad - the filler manufacturer Jiangsu new source machinery co. , LTD. And everybody say filling machine equipment for the future development. Domestic food equipment and low level of small and medium-sized enterprise widespread technology urgently need some technology introduced from abroad the production efficiency is high enough complete food packaging production line. Today because of the backward leads to a significant portion of the domestic market share occupied by foreign brands. Filling machinery in our country remains vast development space, the level of the fruit juice beverage production line packaging technology yet to be developed urgently. In order to adapt to the beverage industry, mass production for the need of economic benefit, beverage equipment is more and more tend to be large. Such as carbonated beverage filling equipment filling speed can be up to 2000 cans/min. And mechanical mechanical and electrical integration is the important trend in the development of beverage machinery and equipment. Programmable controller is widely used in control system of beverage machinery and equipment, large-scale equipment using computer control, fault self diagnosis, signs, realized the intellectualized. Production equipment, with high technical content, high reliability, full production line of high automatic control level and high efficiency. On-line detection device and metering device supporting complete, can automatically detect the parameters of the metering precision. Set machine, electricity, gas, light, magnetic as one of the high-tech products constantly emerging. Beverage packaging equipment reliability and the coordination of packaging line, directly affect the work efficiency of the whole production line, production cost and product quality. University related professional, industry research institutes have said little, lack of talent, scientific research strength is weak, fruit juice beverage industry some frontier technologies such as cryogenic industry, the ultrahigh pressure, membrane separation, supercritical fluid extraction, radiation, vacuum, etc. Only by a court is unable to complete, be badly in need of enterprise investment. The past advocated by the combination of production, study and research development mode has not been able to succeed in the industry, the limited research strength also failed to give full play to the role, fruit juice production line needs scientific research support strongly. About the content of the filling machine equipment in urgent need of scientific research support, by small - filling machine suppliers To provide you with new source machinery. If you need to know the price of bottled water filling machine, please contact the new source of mechanical, miss fan: 18962292345.
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