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Fire Knowledge Training

Fire Knowledge Training


On April 2, Jiade Maluan Industrial Park carried out fire fighting knowledge training and fire drills. In the early stage, safety knowledge and warning slogans were posted in prominent positions in the workshop. The "Safety Production Month" event has officially kicked off.

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Fire-fighting knowledge training mainly introduces the introduction and use of fire-fighting equipment, fire-fighting methods and precautions, fire hazards, and common sense of emergency self-rescue. It has high practicability and operability, and enriches employees' fire-fighting knowledge. In order to put the knowledge learned into practice, "strike while the iron is hot" popularized the use of fire extinguishers among employees. After the training, a dry powder fire extinguisher fire extinguishing drill was held on the open space of the factory. During the process, the employees emphasized the use skills and precautions of dry powder fire extinguishers. The personnel of each department took turns to operate, and finally mastered the use of fire extinguishers.

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The fire fighting training and fire drills combined theory and practice effectively, improved employees' fire awareness and disaster prevention and mitigation skills, popularized fire protection knowledge, and achieved better results.

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