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Flying CO2 laser coding machine will take you to appreciate the so-called 'unforgettable'

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-22
Flying CO2 laser coding machine laser coding machine is also called laser coding machine or laser marking machine. No matter which name it is, it actually refers to the same product, and the contents marked are all permanently indelible, so the so-called 'unforgettable' can be truly reflected! They all realize the marking of various characters or patterns on the surface of product packaging. More importantly, unlike the traditional marking, they will not cause corrosion to materials after processing and have no pollution, no wear and tear, no poison, easy marking accuracy up to millimeter to micron level, and clear writing, permanent can not be erased, help to prevent fake, anti-counterfeiting, to achieve the special significance of product traceability, in particular, the online laser coding machine introduced by laser in recent years can realize continuous high-quality laser coding of moving product packaging at high speed, and is convenient to use, highly suitable for the environment and stable in operation. Advantages of flying CO2 laser coding machine: 1. Fast and stable coding speed: with high-end industrial laser, it can be stable, high-speed, continuous and continuous marking for 24 hours, suitable for large marking capacity, high-speed marking users are required. 2. High marking precision: it adopts a scanning mirror system with high sensitivity, high precision and stable system, with uniform output light spot and fine marking lines, which is well received by 100% of the quality of users. 3. Low energy consumption: high-efficiency fiber laser system has high energy conversion rate, no consumables, no maintenance, high cost performance and high quality. 4. Realize online coding: the first professional online coding system in China. The marking assembly line can facilitate DIY installation and realize silly debugging. The Man-Machine dialogue interface is highly humanized and can be understood at a glance, as long as the literate operator can operate, it is very easy to get started and easily realize the integration of man and machine. 5. Information sharing, soft and hard combination: the production enterprise transmits the source information such as the production and quality of the product to the supervision network database through the supervision code, circulation enterprises check and accept the incoming goods through the supervision code and transmit the incoming goods information to the supervision network database, and transmit the sales information to the supervision network database when selling, these data information can be used by consumers for true and false and quality inquiries, for the government to carry out law enforcement, quality traceability and product recall management, for enterprises to understand market supply and demand, channel sales and false information. Application Industry food, medicine and medical industry, automobile industry, 3C industry, electronic components, daily hygiene products, tobacco industry, smart card, packaging bag, plastic bottle, cable pipe.
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