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Food and beverage industry for long-term configuration time

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-07
Today, the triad - the filler manufacturer Jiangsu new source machinery co. , LTD. And people say food and beverage industry for long-term configuration time. Over the past two years, the food and beverage industry is affected by the corruption and economic decline, the listed company performance is lack of bright spots, but since the second half of 2014, the situation began to change. In the short term, the Shanghai port through opening is expected to bring the industry leading enterprises in the valuation of repair, longer term, under the background of interest rates downward continuously, with the growth of smooth and the liquor industry bottoming out, especially dairy food and beverage industry, wine, meat three category showed an long-term investment value. Pass through A shares and H shares in Shanghai port, is conducive to A share valuations low valuation of the blue-chip rebound, for food and beverage industry is to arouse the attention of the market for the industry, on the one hand, A shares of the leading liquor companies and public goods company valuations compared to international at lower levels, so the valuation advantage is obvious. Overseas funds, on the other hand, the pursuit of diversified configuration, has the investment demand for scarce varieties. And a-share unique liquor with scarcity, low valuations and high dividends three big characteristics, strong attractive to foreign long-term money. So from this perspective, Shanghai port opening is expected to bring the industry valuation. However, opened only to Shanghai port, through the entire food and beverage sector rising opportunity, in the long run, the improvement of the industry still depends on fundamentals. From the point of view, dairy products are seeking change, high-end liquor has gradually clear, at the bottom of the present level of liquor prices are low, prices continue downward may be small, the price system is stable, the entire food and beverage industry growth signs of a bottom, bottoming out situation will gradually form. Our anticipation, 2015 food and beverage industry affected by the anti-corruption diminishing marginal effect, and after other sector rose sharply, the industry valuation advantage will gradually appear, under the background of interest rates downward continuously at the same time, food and beverage industry because of steady growth, high dividends will have more appeal. In addition, the industry short-term catalyst nots allow to ignore, in addition to the recent Shanghai port, good is worth looking forward to the Spring Festival effect. The merger and acquisition activity of food and beverage industry has become increasingly active, which is the industry's long-term development of the catalyst. From the investment point of view, the current market environment for good food and beverage industry configuration timing, from the industry attribute, class is different from the cycle industry can get excess returns through band for short-term operation, investment value of food and beverage industry is to get stable income through long-term holding. As for fundamental analysis above, the industry still worth looking forward to grow steadily for a long time, is at the bottom of the history and current industry area, has a margin of safety. Overall, food and beverage industry has long-term configuration value, from the point of investment opportunities, such as good food and beverage industry and investors have leverage requirements Suggestions can operate through hierarchical funds. Cathay Pacific fund, the kingdom of Thailand the food and beverage rating fund is based on the index of the food and beverage classification fund tracking target, the target index of liquor accounted for 39%, the dairy industry accounted for 23%, the index of the historical performance since the base period. Promising industry in the future of aggressive investors can buy and hold food B, conservative investors can buy A food A of annualized return of 7%. In addition, cathay Pacific food is the market there is no subscription fee for the classification of fund, the mother funds premium investors can purchase funds, within the field and the field split for food A share and B share, then throw away respectively two kinds of share, for the risk to bear ability, the pursuit of healthy return investors would be A good choice. Mother or subscription funds and split after leave want to share, throw away another class of share, on the basis of access to share might access the premium income. About the content of the food and beverage industry for long-term configuration timing, by small - filling machine suppliers To provide you with new source machinery. If you need to know the price of bottled water filling machine, please contact the new source of mechanical, miss fan: 18962292345.
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