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Food packaging 'safe travel' is escorted by laser marking machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-27
When it comes to 'food', the word 'food safety' comes to mind first. In order to effectively eliminate and avoid food safety problems, the regulatory authorities have issued a stricter food safety law, A food packaging safety issue has once again received great attention. The huge food packaging can achieve the effect of brand promotion and brand maintenance to a certain extent, and more attention should be paid to safety issues, which is both an opportunity and a challenge. The packaging industry has undergone a major reshuffle, while with regard to laser technology--- The food packaging industry is escorted by laser marking machines. As an important part of the product, food packaging protects food all the time. The safety of food packaging materials is also directly related to food safety. In addition, the symbol information on the package is also an important and intuitive basis for consumers to judge whether the food is safe. The symbol information on the package can be usefully transmitted to consumers about the origin of food, food materials, useful date of food, storage conditions and precautions, etc. The news reported that many criminals on the market tampered with the date of production of food and other information. Then the question arises, how can we effectively supervise and manage packaging information? The traditional processing mode mostly chooses printing code and ink jet to carry out Symbol information, but as long as these two symbol methods choose ink, they can be altered and the uniqueness of symbol information cannot be ensured, it is easy to form the tampering of symbol information. Some other inkjet materials are harmful substances, which are harmful to the food itself, and will also pollute the environment. It seriously threatens the physical and mental health of consumers. Therefore, the choice of this method has significant shortcomings in food packaging. Ink-jet processing symbol method violates the meaning of food safety itself to a certain extent, and then is more safe and environmentally friendly processing technology-Replaced by laser marking machine. Laser symbol is a kind of marking method that uses high energy density laser to partly shine on the workpiece, making the surface data vaporize or attack the chemical reaction of color change, and then leave a permanent symbol, it has the characteristics of high marking precision, fast speed, clear symbols, environmental protection and no pollution, etc. The whole symbol information is described on the product packaging, so it is difficult to tamper with and pretend to be. Due to the combination of laser symbol technology and computer, using the current computer software control system, not only can customize personalized symbols, various characters, product numbers, bar codes, serial number, two-dimensional code, production date, picture, logo and some special signs, etc. Therefore, the selection of laser marking in the food packaging industry has the following characteristics: 1. Not only can the brand influence be improved as a whole, moreover, the laser marking machine can be useful to prevent the tampering of food packaging symbol information and the circulation of fake products and the cross-regional sale and fleeing of goods; 2. Be able to use the coding, bar code, destination and other information of laser symbols, and set up a linked database system so that we can trace and inquire about the latest trends of products in time. The problems caused by industrial laser equipment during production will also be relatively small, 3. It will greatly increase the power and can be operated continuously for a long time; And can reduce the production cost, cut consumables, ensure the environmental protection and safety of the whole processing process, and do not happen any chemicals harmful to human body and the environment. To sum up, no matter from the perspective of food safety, it is still environmental protection, power, brand packaging and other aspects, laser marking machine is undoubtedly the right-hand man to escort the food packaging industry.
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