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Four steps of aluminum foil sealing machine maintenance

by:J&D WATER     2019-12-21
scrub. The dust, residue and greasy produced by the aluminum foil sealing machine during operation will affect the normal operation of the machine; the melted aluminum foil will stick to the surface of the roller to make point contact with the aluminum foil. It can cause crawling and sometimes even make the rollers unable to move. The heat sealer often sticks to the molten plastic, which affects the quality of the seal. If the lens of the electric eye sensor is covered with dust or dirt, it will cause the failure of the photoelectric control system. ; Fans and protective covers often accumulate dirt, which affects the exhaust and heat dissipation effect. Chains and sprockets are often coated with a thin layer of oil, which is also easy to adsorb dust. Therefore, it should be wiped and cleaned frequently to prevent machine failure. For parts that are difficult to scrub, such as chains, if there is no dedicated decontamination equipment, the following 'earth' methods can be used to solve it: find a transparent plastic bucket that can see the liquid level, 2 medical drip infusion tubes, and put the inlet The needle is stuck at the outlet of the infusion tube at the bottom of the plastic barrel, and is fixed at the water outlet nozzle above the machine chain; the plastic barrel can be placed on the top of the machine, and the detergent flows down by its own weight. The regulator's infusion tube can adjust the detergent flow rate , The detergent is properly mixed with tap water at the nozzle. This method is easy to obtain materials, and the spray washing effect is better. (2) Lubricate. Lubricate with the specified lubricant carefully according to the machine lubrication chart. Places that are frequently rubbed, such as the knife holder chute and cam follower, should add 1 or 2 drops of lubricating oil every day; always keep a thin layer of oil on the sprocket and chain to reduce wear; the bearings should be filled regularly Grease; check the oil tank frequently, keep the oil level at the required height, and regularly change the oil according to the instructions in the lubrication chart and the machine running time; do not forget to fill the oil tank of the machine with a self-lubricating system; Monitoring of the lubrication system to prevent machine failures such as stuck moving parts due to blocked oil pipes, damaged oil circuits, or other reasons for lack of oil. (3) Maintenance. When the machine is working, pay attention to observation frequently, and find out that the problem should be repaired in time. While scrubbing and refueling, careful inspection will help to find worn parts, improperly adjusted parts, and deal with problems in time. The wear of gaskets, the leakage of oil circuits, and the sound of air leaks are signals that inspection and repair should be performed. (4) Safety. The safe operation of the machine is to ensure that operators, mechanics and other entrants do not experience personal injury. All protective covers and safety covers must be installed before the machine starts. Maintenance workers must observe the safety regulations of the factory during regular maintenance.
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