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Future development advantages and prospects of plastic laser welding machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-26
Environmental protection requirements and lightweight trend make more and more Plastics Replace metal parts in industrial products, while plastic laser welding machine has advantages and prospects in future development compared with other welding technologies: 1) Non-contact welding, no physical contact with the workpiece to be welded, no chemical reaction of thermoplastic, can be operated in industrial environment, suitable for medical and food industries requiring hygiene and safety. The medical industry is mainly used for injection systems, medical electronic equipment, various artificial transplants and stoma products, etc. 2) The shape and size of the laser beam can be adjusted to control the size of the heat affected zone and the joint area, with high degree of freedom and good flexibility. It does not limit the size and shape of the parts to be welded, and can realize two-dimensional or even three-dimensional welding, providing a basis for diversified customized parts production. 3) The welding speed is fast, the weld strength is high, there is no flying edge, no residue, and the good appearance of the welding area can be guaranteed. Relevant data show that in terms of ordinary passenger cars, non-metallic materials account for about 1/3 of the weight, and some models account for a larger proportion. Plastic is one of the four non-metallic materials for vehicles. High-grade car bumpers are welded with plastic laser to achieve the best of both strength and appearance. Other laser welding such as automobile filter, gas-liquid separator, automobile instrument panel shell, electronic door opener, gearbox, etc. can play a good effect. 4) Precision and firmness, no air permeability, no water leakage, can greatly reduce thermal stress and vibration stress, and is most suitable for precision electronic components and easily damaged devices. In general, plastic laser welding can make up for the shortage of conventional plastic welding methods, and China is a huge plastic products market. 2011- In 2015, China's plastic products output from 5474. 31 tons grew rapidly to 7560. 0. 7 million tons, with an annual compound growth rate of 8. 41%. In 2016, China's plastic products output was 7717. 20 thousand tons, an increase of 2. 7%. In the automobile manufacturing industry, the amount of automobile plastics is one of the signs to measure a country's automobile production technology level. Since 1970s, the application of automotive plastics has experienced a continuous expansion from interior trim to exterior trim. The dosage has rapidly increased from about 50 kg/car to about 150 kg/car at present, and it is still growing. It is said that the micro-knowledge, not to mention this is not just a 'micro' degree, plastic laser welding will be the future development trend, the market prospect is broad. At present, domestic enterprises have paid attention to this market and developed laser equipment for plastic welding. For laser enterprises, now is the time to expand their territory. Whoever masters the opportunities will be able to occupy the market first.
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