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Guangdong province CPPCC: speed up the policy of rainwater recycling method

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-06
Rainy season is coming, guangdong province CPPCC pay special attention to saving water, water, rain is a typical resource-based city in guangdong province, in recent years, vigorously promoting south-north water diversion project in guangdong, the Yellow River into the glue water diversion project construction, such as increase in drinking water supply, and alleviate the urban water supply conditions, ignoring the rain can make full use of the natural water resources. “ China since the 1980 s, due to the shortage of water resources and in the international rainwater collecting career driven, gansu, Inner Mongolia, ningxia regions such as the application of rainwater recycling system technology, the obvious economic benefits, social benefits and ecological benefits. ” Guangdong province CPPCC said, although in 2013 the city of guangdong province water conservation measures for the administration of puts forward the relevant use rainwater collection, rainwater recycling system, rainwater collection system, rain water recycling system, rainwater collection system, rainwater collection module, rainwater collection policy for the device, but so far has not been fully established in our province special policies and regulations of urban rainwater recycling. Compared with the first application of rainwater recycling city, no matter from the concept and technology in our province, whether response degree or application area, there is a larger gap and the practical problems to be solved. Guangdong province CPPCC proposal, the experience both at home and abroad for reference, increasing investment, identify a specific department, organize scientific research units and relevant experts, speed up the investigation and study of our province rainwater collection and utilization. According to the actual situation of guangdong city, problems of rainwater verified reasonably, will utilize direct, indirect and storm runoff pollution control, and urban flood control, establishing ecological comprehensive utilization of rainwater system, reasonable, make full use of rainwater resources. Provincial capital is recommended department lead to establish as soon as possible 'guangdong urban rainwater collection use management method', in urban rainwater infiltration, discharge, collection, storage, processing, use of facilities construction and management put forward specific requirements, make the rainwater collection and utilization of legal, rules-based. At the same time actively introduce appropriate rewards and punishments measures, coordinated developer demonstration project construction, rainwater collection in order to utilize the rainwater collection use transformation facilities residents with subsidies, the economic interests of the use of lever, directly and effectively guide the urban rainwater collection use, urban construction, speed up the sponge improve investors and residents rainwater collection and utilization of initiative and enthusiasm.
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