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Haikou rainwater recycling system installation project

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-05
Haikou rainwater recycling system installation project, located in binhai park in haikou citizens visitor center project site. It is reported, the corresponding government & other Planning land area of 20000 square meters of new buildings should establish a rainwater collection system & throughout; The project will install rainwater recycling system, part of rain water will be stored, when it rains after LvJingHua reuse, thus saving the water resources, water resources recycling. Construction of the water treatment according to the scene controller introduces, according to the climate characteristics of haikou large rainfall, citizens visitor center project for a rainy day, will be installed a water recycling system. Rainy days, rain will through the city storm sewer project, flow into a capacity of 440 cubic meters of stored in the rainwater tanks, after filter purification equipment, part of the rain has shifted to the rain in the clear water reserviors, then through the pump set to outdoor fountains, water supply, the outdoor parking lot car wash and green water, the rain water recycling use, so as to save water. Water treatment engineer in citizens see visitors center project site, about 700 workers in a race against time to catch the construction period, project combined with the characteristics of haikou, synchronous construction both inside and outside, the wall facade volcano laid with local material, amorous feelings of haikou volcano's culture; Haikou citizens visitor center project will highlight the image of the city show center, service center of the convenience and benefit, and urban comprehensive management center three function orientation, haikou important landmark, landscape architecture will be built. The right to use construction land area of about 58. 79 mu, total construction area of 29800 square meters, a total of four layers of the earth 16800 square meters, 13000 square meters of the ground floor of a. Indoor showroom in haikou downtown the overhang of nanyang amorous feelings.
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