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Hand-held fiber laser welding machine breaks through traditional welding

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-26
Once upon a time, each hardware store had a manual arc welding equipment. However, it is not easy to weld a workpiece with beautiful welding seam. It is necessary to wear insulating shoes and heavy gloves while holding a protective mask and heavy welding tongs, those who are not skilled also often let the electrode suck the electrode. As customers have higher and higher requirements for welding metal products, the traditional welding method has a great thermal impact, problems such as easy deformation and difficult handling after welding are even more troublesome. Now, there are more advanced welding equipment--Hand-held fiber laser welding machine. The same is welding. What are the advantages of laser hand-held welding: Low cost: no need for any welding materials; Convenient and flexible: all-round angle welding; The heat affected area is small: it will not cause deformation due to heating; Wide applicability: advertising industry, sheet metal industry, stainless steel doors and windows; Good welding effect: the welding is firm, no desoldering occurs, and there is no welding spot; High cost performance: Labor and welding materials are saved, and consumables are less than 1/10 of traditional welding; Today's hand-held laser welding machine, welding efficiency is fast, the machine is small, easy to operate, greatly improve the work efficiency. Compared with the current optical fiber transmission welding, it has higher electro-optic conversion efficiency, better beam quality, less maintenance cost and higher welding speed. At present, hand-held laser welding machine is widely used in bathroom industry, glasses industry, hardware industry, automobile industry, medical industry, electronics industry, home, kitchen ware and other industries, and gradually replace the traditional welding method.
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