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Hand-held laser welding machine BT-1000W

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-26
Hand-held laser welding machine this product is laser according to the actual needs of the market, to understand some of the difficulties of the traditional welding process: traditional welding enterprises are faced with the difficulties of recruiting professional welders, environmental pollution in the welding process, high use cost, etc. Based on the above reasons and market demand, we have launched this new product to fill the industry gap-Hand-held laser welding machine. Laser: high stability, less maintenance and more energy-saving laser select Chuangxin laser continuous fiber laser (Customers can also choose Ruike laser) Compared with other commercial pulse lasers, it has the advantages of high stability, less maintenance and more power saving, effectively reducing the cost of equipment and optimizing the use experience. Air Cooler: internal and external circulation, high efficiency and stability hand-held laser welding machine behind the installation of four small and one large air cooling device strong to heat to ensure the long-term stable operation of the laser. Optical fiber line: super long, more flexible transmission optical fiber line adopts special optical fiber for fiber laser, which is welded at ultra-long distance to facilitate field operation. Laser welding joint: ergonomic design, small structure, easy to use welding joint adopts humanized design of optical fiber hand-held laser welding joint, and has three welding methods of tailor welding, overlapping welding and fillet welding. And the laser welding head is equipped with blowing control and safety lock. Operation panel: simple and easy to use Chinese operation display, no need for complex training, easy to master the operation mode, work status at a glance. Some other features and advantages of this product 1. Safer and more environmentally friendly; 2, laser welding consumables less, long life; 3, welding workpiece without deformation, no welding scar, welding firm; 4, the weld is smooth and beautiful, reducing the subsequent grinding process, saving time and cost; 5, the operation is simple, you can take up your post without a work permit, and you can weld beautiful products without a master; 6, welding speed is fast, faster than traditional welding 2- 10 times, a machine can save at least 2 welders a year; 7. Independent research and development of welding joint makes up for the disadvantage of small laser welding spot, expands the tolerance range of processing parts and weld width, and obtains better weld formation; Overall structure, Adaptive Material
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