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Handheld laser welding machine _ introduction of new handheld fiber laser welding machine?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-26
According to preliminary understanding, most stainless steel products currently adopt argon arc welding and other common welding methods in production and processing. Although these methods can meet 80% of the needs in production, however, defects will be left in welding products in many places. For example, undercut, incomplete welding, dense pores and cracks not only reduce the firmness of the joint, but also become the corrosion source of crevice corrosion. In the welding process, not only the welder's technology has a certain level, but also the welding skills and flux cost requirements are too large, which will increase the cost of production. Moreover, the working steps of processing are required after welding, and the time efficiency is very slow. Because of these defects, hand-held fiber laser welding machine was born in this way. . . . . . Hand-held continuous laser welding machine usually needs protective gas. The heat input during welding and the shape of the welding spot can be controlled by parameters and components, and heat conduction mode welding, penetration welding and small hole welding are carried out respectively. The depth of Heat Conduction welding is shallow, the range is wide, similar to GTAW or TIG weld shape, weld appearance is beautiful. The depth of penetration mode welding in hand-held laser welding machine is equivalent to or slightly deeper than the width of welding. When using penetration mode welding, the input heat energy is small, the molten pool is small and deep, and lower average can be used. Due to the need to maintain the small hole in the welding cycle, the small hole mode welding only uses the continuous hand-held laser welding machine, the welding efficiency is fast, the machine is small, the operation is convenient, and the working efficiency is greatly improved. Compared with the current optical fiber transmission welding, it has higher electro-optic conversion efficiency, better beam quality, less maintenance cost and higher welding speed. The use range of hand-held laser welding machine is relatively wide, including stainless steel, aluminum, copper, gold and silver jewelry can be welded, as well as triangle valve, sensor, medical equipment, stainless steel sink, tap water pipe fittings, stainless steel round pipe three-way pipe bend, floor drain, door handle door lock, thermos cup, kitchenware and tableware, etc.
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