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Handheld spurt the code machine of the common problems and breakdown maintenance

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-29
With the popularity of handheld spurt the code machine, already has a large number of product manufacturers started using handheld portable spurt the code machine, as the growth of the use of time, we have to face a problem, that is carrying spurt the code machine maintenance and maintenance issues and how quickly handle failure, ensure the normal order of the spurt the code machine stability, ensure the quality of the spray effect of balanced, has become a top priority, handheld portable jet. the today to share common faults and maintenance problems. First of all, we have to face the first question, handheld jet. the life problems. Handheld spurt the code machine power supply is similar to a flashlight, needs to have adapted to batteries, battery and cannot too big, big battery machines will directly increase the overall weight, will affect the efficiency of daily work, increase burden of operators. Facing to spurt the code machine inevitable life problem, facing the battery in the process of using the natural wear and tear, we will have a variety of solutions, such as spare 2 - 3 batteries, when power alarm can replace a new battery to continue the work in time, the new battery in the process of continue to maintain the code work, for there was no electricity to charge the spare battery. Another scheme, is the use of uninterruptible power supply, the equivalent of holding a spurt the code machine continued on 220 v power supply for charging, it is suitable for hand-held online use, do not need to often mobile handheld spurt the code machine can adopt the measure, similar to handle degraded as a high-resolution on-line spurt the code machine model is used, more convenient, save a replacement battery trouble. Secondly, the second problem we face, holding a spurt the code machine ink cartridges. Handsets of cartridges is the HP HP brand cartridges are used commonly, nozzle ink cartridge integration, change rise more convenient, service life and stability as well as guarantee, according to the types of ink, there will be a slow dry ink cartridges quick dry ink two types, suitable for different material products, slow dry ink is more suitable for some surface permeability good material, about the spray printing effect, is also a lot of users are very concerned about, hand-held portable spurt the code machine is very good is spray printing information content is very high, the resolution can reach 300 x300dpi, substantially beyond the traditional small characters spurt the code machine, especially in the case of assignment of variable qr code, variable barcode code, have natural technology advantage, scan rate is higher, higher literacy rates. After the handheld jet. the common faults and maintenance problems have? How to quickly deal with? 1, handheld spurt the code machine off the machine. Common cause is batteries or battery damage ( If can't charge) , the and the processing method is to replace the battery. In addition a few will have poor contact failure, suggest to plug connection, if not solve, please contact the manufacturer. 2, handheld spurt the code machine spray print effect is bad. Common phenomenon are spray print information content fuzzy, spray printing information is not complete, some information is not shown ( Such as line information spray print only 1 or 2 more than a line) , 3, handheld spurt the code machine into the system or a blank screen. Common situation is normal after open the power supply, always can't get into the main interface, can't operation and use of the machine, the processing method is through the cable to connect computers, flash, also known as the reshipment system. 4, variable qr code or database can't spray print. Spray printing variable information need the support of system and software, in choosing a hand-held machine and manufacturers or suppliers have to confirm good technical requirements, to do know ahead of time and prevention in advance, to avoid this incident affect production, common processing method can apply for to upgrade the software and the manufacturer is to support the application. 5, handheld spurt the code machine do not spray print. Often have magic eye, sensor damage or poor contact, in dealing with these problems, the need to check whether the synchronizer is working properly, and whether software spurts India counter normal beat and processing method is to prepare some wearing parts, such as synchro drive belt, photoelectric sensors, laser marking equipment recommendation: preferential deals offer 4007001618 【 Optical fiber laser marking equipment 】 Mainly used for metal and non-metallic laser marking part USES, tags and beautiful, fast, no material; 【 CO2 laser marking equipment 】 Non-metallic products used for the laser marking purposes; 【 Uv laser marking equipment 】 Adopt import uv laser, it is mainly used for metal and non-metallic products fine marking purposes; 【 Metal laser marking equipment 】 Based on customer specific products, production line, the demand for design and production and customer demand, customized models. 【 Semiconductor laser marking machine 】 Stable performance, price moderate 【 Green laser marking machine 】 High prices, product customization is given priority to YAG laser marking machine 】 Metal, plastic and other products used for moderate price more metal laser marking equipment hold spurt the code machine marking machine hand
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