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Have to mention the laser cutting technology in sheet metal processing

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-16
Occupy a third in the sheet metal processing metal processing, its wide application field, almost appeared in all walks of life. If the count sheet metal ( The thickness of the sheet metal under 6 mm) The cutting process, nothing more than laser cutting, plasma cutting and flame cutting, shearing machine, punching, etc. The laser cutting is the rise in recent years and booming, in the field of sheet metal cutting, from micron grade ultra thin sheet to tens of mm thick plate, effectively cutting can be perfect. In a sense, laser cutting machine for sheet metal processing has brought a technological revolution. Compared with traditional cutting, laser cutting is more readable, easy to learn, and the business needs of processing effect, velocity has a big advantage, so believe in cutting way choice of the future, laser cutting machine is the trend of The Times. Whole so lasted a century laser technology, laser cutting why so cattle? First to popular science and laser cutting technology about some of the origin and principle. Laser technology is the twentieth century and atomic energy, semiconductors, and one of the four major inventions, computer, known as 'the fastest knife', 'most accurate scale', 'the brightest light'. But it was not until the 21st century the technology break through the original technical bottlenecks, through a combination of laser technology and advanced equipment and at the same time, promote the development of the advanced equipment manufacturing industry. The application of laser technology has penetrated into metal processing, steel, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, medical equipment and other industries. Using high power density laser beam was cut materials, make the material quickly heated to the evaporation temperature, evaporation hole formation, with the moving of the beam on the material, the hole forming width is very narrow, Such as 0. 1 mm or so) With the material cutting kerf, complete - — This is laser cutting ( LaserCutting) 。 Laser cutting with high efficiency, high energy density and softness, both in terms of accuracy, speed and efficiency that is not the choice of two sheet metal cutting industry. As a method of precision machining, laser cutting can cut almost all materials, including 2 d sheet metal cutting or three-dimensional cutting. Can laser focus into tiny spot, can be subtle and precision machining, such as micro slit and the micro hole machining. In addition the process don't need a knife, belongs to the non-contact processing, machining deformation. Some traditional hard sheet cutting or cutting quality is not high, encountered problem is solved after laser cutting, especially on some of the carbon steel plate cutting, laser cutting is a unshakable status. In recent years, laser cutting technology is becoming the various manufacturers have an ace 'rushed to doo-yan', and because its applications, and can be divided into: laser cutting, laser vaporization melt oxygen cutting, laser cutting and laser scribing and four types of fracture control. Among them it is worth mentioning that the laser melting melt cutting can be cut all the materials can be melt, such as metal. Use laser to cut stainless steel, most will adopt the method of high pressure nitrogen and coaxial laser beam injection to blow away the molten metal and makes the cutting surface will not form any oxide. This is a very good method, but compared with the traditional oxygen cutting cost is higher. One way to alternative to pure nitrogen is compressed air filters workshop, it is made up of 78% nitrogen. Used in laser cutting the filtered compressed air faster than the speed of using oxygen or nitrogen - — Ipm is commonly 300 to 320 ipm, although for some equipment, filters, compressed air needs certain initial investment, but its long-term costs relative to the 'traditional' auxiliary gas or lower cost. Focus of the laser energy is now in a position, and use compressed air to generate plasma on the surface of metal ball, the effect is similar to using electricity generated by the CNC plasma cutting machine cutting effect. The effect of plasma heat transfer is more effective than the light. Compressed air auxiliary cutting at the same time also can reach and use oxygen or nitrogen components of cutting edge of the same quality. Cutting edge of the need to clean enough to make the most of the powder coating can go up, and no longer need to second cleaning. In the first choice when using compressed air for auxiliary laser cutting, the size of the resonator is a major limitation. Now, however, high wattage laser cutting machine - — General for more than 4000 w - — Makes air auxiliary cutting steel, stainless steel and the thickness of up to 1/8 of an inch ( About 3 mm) An effective way of aluminum. With 6000 w cavity laser cutting machine can even cutting thickness of 3/8 of an inch ( About 9. 5毫米) Of the material. Laser cutting sheet metal processing
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