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by:J&D WATER     2019-12-06
With the development of industrial technology, industrial automation has become a trend. Enterprises are now using automated packaging machinery. Compared to manual, machinery is more unavoidable. However, it is inevitable that failures will occur during the operation of the machine. Youduo Neng has summarized many common problems and daily maintenance of packaging machinery. Today I will give you Summarized the common problems and basic solutions about oral liquid sealing machine, I hope to help. ? The first is a relatively simple problem. When the oral liquid sealing machine is running, the speed is inconsistent. When you stop and go, you can detach the back panel of the oral liquid sealing machine. If you find that the motor gearbox is connected to the shaft There is looseness or detachment everywhere, re-fix the screws to make them fit. If the problem cannot be solved, it may be because the main motor is operated by the contact of the carbon brush, so if the wear is particularly serious, the incomplete contact with the slip ring or the friction is not good, it will cause the oral liquid sealer to not work continuously. Only need to replace the carbon brush of the same model to solve the problem. ? In addition, there are irregular marks or bubbles at the seal of the product. These are also common faults. Although the inner packaging will not leak, it will affect the quality of the product. The failure of the oral liquid sealing machine may be due to the long use of the device. At high temperatures, plastic debris or dust and other dirt are stuck, which will cause high temperatures. With unevenness, unevenness and other phenomena, the sealing place is heated unevenly, and air bubbles appear after being pressed by the cold pressing wheel. At this time, replacing the high-temperature belt or cleaning it can eliminate the fault. Sometimes the irregular bumps of the cold-pressed rubber rollers will be reflected on the package. At this time, many obvious marks will appear on the seal. Make sure the packaging is beautiful, and you need to replace the equipment. ? When the sealing temperature cannot be adjusted according to actual needs, the temperature of the equipment cannot be controlled well. The failure is mainly due to the failure of the thermometer, the seal is easily burnt or the seal is not strong, the seal is easily deformed, and the effect is very ugly. The reason for this is that the thermometer is damaged and needs to be repaired, or the thermocouple may be damaged. The temperature cannot be normally sensed and then transmitted to the thermometer. At this time, the thermocouple needs to be replaced. None of these can solve the problem, then it may be that the quality of the composite material itself is not good enough, and the bearing temperature caused by the change of the heat seal coefficient is different.
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