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High intensity body laser welding technology to build a car

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-20
Laser welding technology is widely used in the automobile manufacturing process, greatly improving the quality and capacity of the automobile, for the rapid growth of sales and word of mouth has laid a solid foundation. As we all know, automotive stamping, welding, painting and assembly the four process, every link is very important, be short of one cannot, stamping workshop production of sheet metal parts, countless large and small, big five door cover, roof and floor, small hinge, brackets, etc. , then how did so many independent widget to piece together a car? Is welding, and welding technology to a large extent determines the quality of a car. Are very popular among Chinese consumers as a welding technology, the principle of laser welding is by a laser beam from the laser generator, focusing on the electrode surface heat, melt soldering wire is heated, the wetting of steel car body, filling plate joint clearance, the formation of weld achieve good connection. Welding copper wire and steel plate is formed after soldering the connection between the copper wire and steel plate is respectively different elements, the formation of the welding layer, for high temperature after the formation of the fusion of two different elements. Compared with the traditional spot welding, the welding way welding quality is better, faster and higher weld strength. Because of such advantages, such as the laser welding for the masses, Cadillac car companies are widely used, compared with the traditional way of welding, laser welding, apparently, had better protection effect the quality of the body. At home, with the continuous development of laser welding technology and mature, and its powerful technical advantages, cost advantages, more and more popular with auto manufacturers. Using laser welding technology not only greatly reduce the consumption of materials, reduce the body weight at the same time also promoted the strength of the white body; In addition, the laser welding with high welding speed, can effectively improve production speed, the very pursuit for time efficiency of automobile manufacturing industry is again good, however, it is because of the application of laser technology, auto greatly improved the productivity and quality, for the growth of sales and word of mouth has laid a solid foundation. Now automotive use white roof panel laser soldering technology has become increasingly perfect, began to spread to the direction of the development of new models. Use of stable, efficient and mature step by step to improve quality of auto welding technology research and development has become a secret. In addition, the car has four door panel of automobile body flying laser welding technology, the introduction and verification, and the new model of using in the near future. Laser welding j laser welding car
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