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Hotels need to what kind of water treatment equipment

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-12
Hotel usually use ground water or tap water as water source, the need for basic filter processing, remove impurities, odor removal, and bring a better life for the user experience. Ordinary hotel water treatment equipment includes filter, water softener equipment, etc. Filter filtration equipment is a kind of raw water pretreatment equipment. It is composed of glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tanks, control valve and the filter material. Usually, quartz sand and activated carbon used as filter material. Quartz sand and activated carbon adsorption is used to filter water. Impurities will remove the peculiar smell in the water, and make sure the clear of the water in the hotel. Soft water machine, water softener usually after filter, reverse osmosis and other equipment ( Such as boiler) Before use. It consists of softening tank, control valves, salt box and soften the resin composition. It USES the principle of ion exchange to remove the scale ion in the water, such as calcium and magnesium. The operation of the water softener, work, backwash, regeneration, replacement and cleaning process of judah were five. Hotel using softened water equipment, which can effectively remove scale. Especially in the northern region of hardness, the hardness in the water and ions content is very high. If not treated, will lead to the boilers scale, affect service life and bring security hidden danger. To provide customers with clean water and better, more comfortable experience, many hotels are installed water treatment equipment, one of the most commonly used is a water softener and filter.
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