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How do daily maintenance triad filling machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-09
Everybody is good, triad filling machine and how to talk about daily maintenance triad filling machine, the economic booming area in suzhou, there are a lot of people know the triad filling machine, triad filling machine technology in a leading position in the industry. Triad filling machine is a special equipment of gas beverage integrating washing, filling and sealing. On the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology, according to the requirements of the non-air drinks filling technology, innovation and development of advanced filling equipment. Is mainly used for milk, fruit juice, beverage, water and other than gaseous washing, filling and heat sealing. Reasonable structure, easy operation, reliable operation, easy maintenance, is the ideal filling equipment of large and medium-sized beverage factory. The machine and cylinder and the filling valve adopt stainless steel, all parts contacting material are completely in line with food safety standards. Due to filling the form for high-speed automatic sealing, filling material is exposed to air time is very short, guarantee the health condition of the filling material. Triad of filling machine maintenance points 1, keep the triad filler pipe cleaning. All pipelines, especially with direct or indirect contact with the pipe material, should be kept clean. Washed once a week, for a walk every day, every time. 2, ensure that small filling machine cleaning, cleaning and disinfection of the container should be, to ensure that the parts will not be in contact with the material pollution and mixed bacteria. 3, in order to ensure the biological stability of bottled drinks, sterilization is a kind of very good method, must control the sterilization time and temperature, to ensure that the final sterilization effect, and avoid or temperature sterilization time is too long, reduce oxidation drinks during sterilization. Should be cooled as quickly as possible, make the temperature does not exceed 35 degrees Celsius. Low temperature filling requirement for beverage filling is very low. In general, drinks in low temperature environment is not easy to blister, is advantageous to the filling. In the liquid filling machine before each run, should be 0 1 ℃ water tank and the temperature of the liquid filling machine pipeline. When filling temperature of 4 ℃, shall, first of all, to reduce the temperature, and then to filling operations. The state of Utah. 4, the heat preservation tank, constant temperature filling, to maintain a constant temperature within the given time of material, in order to avoid filling machine working instability due to temperature change is too big. Triad filler filling is mainly used for hot drinks containing particles. The machine combines washing, grain filling, hot drinks filling, cap, etc. The whole process is automatic. Suitable for polyester bottle, bottles of juice, mineral water, pure water filling. The machine has a temperature control device. Bottle shape of each part to adjust the handle rotation, easy and convenient. Filling method USES the new type of micro pressure filling, the filling speed faster and more stable, so compared with the same specifications of the machine, more productive, more efficient. The triad filling machine adopts advanced OMRON programmable controller ( PLC) Automatic operation control filling machine. The feeding chain adopt inverter speed control. Cooperate with the main converter, feeding more stable and reliable operation. Photoelectric detection parts operation, high automation, convenient operation. Based on this, change the filling area, can form low vacuum filling pattern, the low vacuum filling mode ( Z type machine) , and is suitable for glass bottles, filling materials such as liquid, soy sauce, seal model can be matched with aluminum metal anti-theft caps and plastic cap. It is an ideal equipment of beverage production enterprise. For the food industry, its better development cannot leave the triad filling machine and paste filling production line of this filling equipment. Triad filling machine, for example, its successful development to solve the problem of filling, daily chemical and food industry not only to better ensure the quality of products, also can better improve the production efficiency of enterprises. Jiangsu new source machinery co. , LTD. , mainly engaged in the production of triad filling machine technology and the development and service, welcome to come to consult. Companies with good quality and service, affordable price, the customer first attitude to each customer to provide triad filling machine products and services.
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