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How is the aseptic environment of aseptic filling machine realized?

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-04
Aseptic filling machine can complete aseptic filling without high temperature sterilization, and the product quality is stable. As long as different molds are replaced, various forms of aseptic product filling and production of various aseptic containers can be applied. Food packaged with aseptic filling equipment has one important advantage, that is, it can ensure the quality of drugs. Because it uses the method of instantaneous high temperature sterilization to operate, it can meet the requirements of Packaging Technology. It is mainly suitable for aseptic filling of pulp, jam, enzyme, fruit juice, dairy products and other fluids, aseptic vacuum filling and aseptic nitrogen filling. It can also be used for filling liquid and paste such as red wine, yellow wine, edible oil, grain and oil, purified water, seasoning, milk, etc. This machine is suitable for zui final packaging of flexible inner bags made of composite films and sealed taps. Characteristics of aseptic filling machine: 1. The super-clean top air filter is selected to completely filter the air inside the operation table, and ozone and ultraviolet sterilization lamps can be built in the operation room to completely sterilize the operation room. 2. The working table is imported stainless steel mesh type table, and the two sides are high transparency imported anti-crushing PE side baffle, making the whole working room look spacious and bright. 3. At the top, the adjustable air supply system is selected, and the light touch switch adjusts the wind speed to make the wind speed in the operation area in the desired situation. 4. The pedal-type filling controller can be linked with the discharge valve of the built-in pulp storage tank to accurately control the filling quantity so as to be suitable for various bottles. 5. The working platform is equipped with a working fluorescent lamp above the inside, and the bottom of the table is equipped with a waste liquid collection tank to ensure that the table is not polluted by liquid dumping during operation, which is convenient for cleaning and disinfection. Aseptic filling equipment has a rapid development trend in current shopping malls, while our aseptic filling equipment for fruits and vegetables also has a new development trend in shopping malls, especially in the development and use of new technologies and other aspects of performance, so as to continue to develop and grow in modern shopping malls. The filling machine can be said to have advanced technology, first-class quality, stable function, etc. However, with the continuous development and advancement of society, these advantages also need to grow together with the times in the near future, otherwise, it will be eliminated by the mall.
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