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How is the radiation hazard of fiber laser marking machine an effective way to prevent radiation?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-22
In fact, when the fiber laser marking machine is operated and controlled, it is generally harmless to the body. To say that there is absolutely no harm is rhetoric, and hazards may occur everywhere in life. However, generally, operators who have just come into contact with laser marking machines like to stare at the light source, if you look at the light source for a long time, it will do some harm to your eyes, such as tingling. Generally, some laser marking machine manufacturers will be equipped with corresponding glasses to protect their eyes. So is there any other effective way to prevent radiation hazards? Self-Protection of laser marking machine against radiation: 1. Laser marking machine is mainly to completely depict the track of the characters to be marked, the dot-matrix laser machine is to depict some important trajectory points of the characters to be identified. Therefore, in the case of the same energy, the new dot matrix laser marking machine printing speed is faster. 2, the human body if there is enough health, for the laser marking machine slightly radiation can be resisted. Laser marking machine in accordance with the different forms of identification, laser marking equipment can be divided into two kinds of scribing and dot matrix. At present, most of the laser coding equipment appearing in the market are scribed, while the new laser marking equipment adopts the new dot matrix technology-Lattice resident technology. For the protective equipment of the fiber laser marking machine, the typical one is the laser protective mirror, because the protective mirror to prevent the laser from damaging the human eye can be divided into reflection type, absorption type, diffraction type and composite type according to its protective principle, of course, they will filter and protect according to the laser radiation wavelength of the laser marking machine to achieve the protection of the laser marking machine of the human body, which is also the protective equipment of the laser marking machine that is safer and more convenient in the market. The laser marking machine should be as dust-free as possible at 10℃- Use in 35℃ environment to keep optical devices dry and dust-free. Laser marking machine is mainly used in some occasions requiring finer and higher precision. The marking machine marks a permanent mark that cannot be erased. It is directly vaporized on the surface of the object by laser, and can be distinguished by naked eyes without any auxiliary tools, which is convenient for consumers to identify.
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