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How Laser Machine Works Against Product Counterfeiting

How Laser Machine Works Against Product Counterfeiting


Counterfeiting is known to be among the biggest businesses in the current electronic world. It manifests itself in several wide method varieties and multiple avenues. It is such the main pervasive threat towards all supply chain parts, starting from all its manufacturers, towards their suppliers, and also their end users. According to the latest report that was compiled in 2017, it has been regarded as the growing issue from the ICC (International Commerce Chamber and the INTA (International Trademark Association), that noted that economic global value of privacy and counterfeiting may even reach above $2.3 trillion coming 2022, with an extra $1.9 trillion as per the wider economic and social impact costs.


How does the laser system work?

The laser marking machine is by itself monitored and controlled using a computer and this will enable it to realize easily any docking within the database system. After your database function has been integrated towards the marking software, the laser coding may be verified by the customers towards the same products via that database so it can distinguish the product’s authenticity. Anti-counterfeiting database of the optical laser fiber marker may be in a plaintext form, in two code dimension form, or even in a bar code form. Since the two-dimensional code and the bar code have got reading equipment that corresponds, they can reduce manual input time, which is the most suitable mode in anti-counterfeiting the data carrier.

However, counterfeiting may be fought in various ways; some of them might be making the comparison of online databases to the components and even having the decision of using known vendors alone. However, no any of the named measures of preventing anti-counterfeiting are more tangible and immediate as compared to the engraver of the genuine parts that have identifiable and unique marks, just as the ones which one may achieve when he/she applies the use of the laser marking. The metal parts and metal drills are always engraved with a laser marking machine for them to be able to perform their duties efficiently.

Importance of laser marking machine

When fighting against anti-counterfeiting while using laser machine, it will first of all, be valuable when it comes to adding the serial number, name, some identifying marks, and the company logo too permanently to any material type that you can imagine even including the more materials that are mostly applied in the companies dealing with electronic production. The laser engraving system has got the highest resolution of up to dpi-1,200, with the high-quality marks which are also made just in the smallest dimension parameter. You can mark absolutely everything from the corporate supplied laptop or cellphone towards the PCB boards, semiconductor parts like the metal drills, and the silicon wafers. 

Also, apart from branding customization, the laser marking machines are capable of supporting any unique identification known as the UID codes which are in a bar code form, the human-readable text form, and the data matrix codes. They are all needed to have accountability, traceability, and most important, identification of the government property purchases, and they may be directly applied towards the non-removable tag or to the individual part that is affixed in the item. Such laser marking are the main indicators in some countries that prove that the products one is purchasing have met some requirement which is specified only to wide product range families, which includes electronics, which are also in a position to be produced by the laser system.

The small circuit plates that are engraved to a laser marker

Most of the current manufacturing landscapes find counterfeiting as being the most insidious problem, hence all the facets it has can’t be addressed by a single tool. However, when the laser system was introduced with its laser marking machine in some supply chain points, they came and represented the most cost- effective and elegant solution which will be great in terms of making possessions to become even very secure, have an extremely stable business, and very trustworthy components. Also, the laser system has got very proper interrogation which is a sign of very important step that shows we are achieving a surer, and the safer world that we have been looking for overages.

If you want to have more information about laser marking machine, then you can contact us. Our experts have all the necessary skills to ensure that they provide you with the right information.                           

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