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How much is the general price of jewelry laser marking machine?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-26
The competition in the jewelry industry is becoming more and more fierce, and almost all the jewelry stores in the market have the same products, the previous processing technologies such as steel seal, engrave and engrave technology, melting method, black silver inlay technology, wood grain metal and so on take a long time and have high cost, too rough processing is more likely to cause accidental injury to human body. Jewelry hands have many kinds of materials, such as gold, silver, jewelry, etc. As we all know, gold and silver jewelry materials are very expensive, so the requirements for marking on them are very high, there can be no flaws and mistakes. Only such high precision can show the preciousness of jewelry. How did the mark on the jewelry get typed? There are many devices that can mark jewelry, but laser marking machine is preferred for those that are best used and have no damage to jewelry. Jewelry laser marking machine mainly has the following three advantages: 1. The marking speed of laser marking machine is very fast. It takes only a few seconds to mark jewelry with laser marking machine, it can greatly save working time and improve practical work efficiency. 2. The marks made by laser marking machine are perfect, and characters, text and graphic images can be perfectly realized. And when the laser marking machine is used for marking, the laser beam is used on the surface of the object to achieve the marking effect. The whole marking process has no direct contact with the jewelry, and will not generate mechanical friction and damage the jewelry, in addition, the light spot of the laser is extremely small, and the thermal effect is also very small, so the mark of the laser marking machine is very exquisite, and there is no damage to the jewelry. 3, the marking of the laser marking machine is very clear, and the depth of the mark can be artificially controlled, can be adjusted according to their own needs. How much is the general price of jewelry laser marking machine? The optical fiber laser marking machine is used for jewelry laser marking. The optical fiber laser marking machine is generally made of metal materials. According to the configuration of the marking machine, the power is generally 10 W, 20 W, 50 W, 60W and special model for alumina blackening. Prices also vary, ranging from more than 10 thousand to more than 20 thousand. (For reference only) With the rapid development of fiber laser marking technology, the application of fiber laser marking machine in the industrial field is becoming more and more extensive. Compared with the traditional semiconductor laser equipment, the fiber laser marking machine has the advantages of better beam quality, longer service life, higher reliability, lower maintenance cost, etc, it has become one of the most popular laser equipment in the current market.
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