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How much is the minimum price for a laser marking machine?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-15
Laser marking machines are used to engrave graphic styles on devices with higher fineness, including electronic components, mobile phone products, hardware processing, precision instruments, craft gifts, auto parts, plastic keys, PVC building materials, etc. Laser marking machine has the characteristics of small volume, low energy consumption, high efficiency, fine laser beam spot, maintenance-free and so on, which is favored by manufacturers. At present, in the domestic laser marking machine market is mainly divided into 2 categories, one type of imported laser marking machine, the other is the domestic laser marking machine. And whether it is imported laser marking machine or domestic laser marking machine, their components include laser, vibrating mirror, control software and other three important components. According to the difference of laser, it can be divided into fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine and other types. In fact, the laser marking machine is more like assembling a computer in the assembly process. The brand and price of the same component are different, resulting in different costs and prices after the laser marking machine is assembled. This is the root cause why many enterprise users in the procurement of laser marking machine, the same power and type of laser marking machine price is different. How much is the minimum price for a laser marking machine? The main components of laser marking machine include laser, marking card, vibrating mirror, field mirror, industrial control computer, display, cabinet and other major parts, and the laser, marking card, vibrating mirror, field mirror is the core component of the laser marking machine, is the key factor to determine the price of the laser marking machine. Therefore, it is necessary to know how much the lowest price of the laser marking machine is from the laser, marking card, vibrating mirror, field mirror and other aspects. So, what determines the choice of laser, marking card, vibrating mirror and field mirror? This requires understanding the actual marking requirements of the marking machine. Enterprises in the procurement, should be to the laser marking machine manufacturers to understand the components of the equipment clearly, in order to measure the value of laser equipment.
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