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How portable is the portable marking machine? Let's find out

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-24
Portable marking machine adopts various types of working modes, including carbon dioxide marking, semiconductor marking, optical fiber marking, YAG laser marking and other categories, all of which adopt laser marking, while the traditional coding method has been eliminated, it is the development of laser marking technology that has led to the emergence of portable laser marking machine equipment products in the marking market, which to some extent meets the marking needs of different enterprise users. What is the marking effect of portable marking machine, what are the advantages of its cost and traditional marking equipment? Laser answers these questions one by one for you. First, portable has convenient carrying, convenient maintenance and low cost; Due to the backward technology, the traditional marking machine has a wide variety of accessories, a large size, a complex system, excessive data redundancy, low work efficiency, and frequent errors, resulting in a large weight of the body equipment, a large body shape, it can be said that before the laser marking machine appeared, there was no such concept as portable marking machine in the market. It was the convenience brought by laser technology products that made the marking market more diverse in product types and more room for users to choose, portable products have become the main products for future market demand. Second, laser marking to achieve accurate positioning, the effect is more exquisite, the pattern is more realistic and clear; The tradition is to use the method of code spraying. The marking content and color are single. Only simple fonts and contents such as Black sequence codes and dates can be marked. Now portable marking machines appear in the market, new products such as patterns are constantly emerging. It can be seen that this is the effect of laser marking. Enterprises seize their own share in the market competition, the precision and high-definition marking, which has to be realized by adopting new technology to prevent counterfeiting and adopt new laser marking mode, is the benefit brought by the new laser marking machine equipment technology, however, the traditional way of coding can only be removed from the market. Three, laser marking almost no maintenance, the body is clean, maintenance is more convenient; The portable marking machine also uses fiber laser, the structure is simple, the energy power is stable, the air is cooled, and the equipment is almost no maintenance, because there is almost no pollution in the welding process ( The equipment itself will not produce task pollution, only some of the welded materials will produce dust) Therefore, the maintenance is convenient and the maintenance cost is low, while the traditional code spraying method consumes a large amount of materials and causes certain pollution to the air, not to mention the high cost, the sprayed content is not accurate and delicate enough, and the laser marking adopts the red light positioning system, which can be accurately carved according to the shape constructed by the software.
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