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How to choose a liquid filling machine

How to choose a liquid filling machine


JD WATER-How to choose a liquid filling machine

Have you ever had a business that is solely liquid products? Perhaps you have a tiny business by selling juices or a self-made foundation made out of natural ingredients? Then suddenly, it became famous and is greatly bought. But one of the problems to be encountered is when you now have thousands of liquid items to pack, sometimes; doing manual labor isn’t enough. That’s why they have these machines called liquid filling machines. Keep reading to know all about it.


Basically, liquid filling machines, as it is interpreted on its name, is machinery for small and huge business in filling up liquid material into its bottles and cases. This equipment makes sure that every container has the same volume and weigh content.

Not only that, it is also capable of packing thick forms of liquid like honey, oil, jams, and syrups. So instead of using bottles, they use jars.

Since there are a lot of forms of liquids and solids that need different holders, a lot of things should be considered upon buying it such a price, performance, and characteristics. So basically, liquid filling machine is not as easy as it may sound.


As already mentioned, liquid filling machines are used to fill up certain liquids in to appropriate bottles. But then again, it is not all about that.

One of the things that this tool does is providing accuracy. Manual filling up of fluid with your hands is yucky and against sanitization rules.

The greatest purpose of it all is probably providing efficiency. Think about the tons of hours and labor just to finish a first batch of liquid foundation? That’s why it does the job smooth and quickly.


There are various ways to choose the machine suited for your business. Even if you already know that you want a liquid filling machine you got to consider a lot of things to be able to choose the perfect one. Thus, here are a few things to keep in mind.

First one is to know what product you are producing. And no, this is not simply saying you are selling water and fruit juices. Think bigger like what are its ingredients? What is its consistency or viscosity? What contents are there?

Next thing to think about is unique characteristics. To choose your apparatus, one must know his products from the inside out. After knowing the basics, learn in a deeper sense such as its structure, like if it’s thick or has certain form. Choose a liquid filling machine that is able to supply thick consistencies such as honey and jam.

It is time to choose the liquid filling machine appropriate for it. Listed below are the three types in accordance to the viscosity of the fluid.


Thin viscosity is a liquid form that shows spread out and is easily recognizable above all others. Examples of it are water, oil, ink, and corn syrup as to name a few. So the first machine is the most economic one out of the bunch. It is named as TIME GRAVITY LIQUID FILLING MACHINE. How it works is that a huge tank contained the fluids. With it, the several valves it has exerts the product on a timed manner set by its master computer. This is to assure accuracy and consistency of the item. It is also said to be good for corrosive chemicals such as sulfuric acid or acetone.


Following it is the oldest yet the most reliable called as the PISTON LIQUID FILLING MACHINE. Choose this one if you’re business is regarding normal viscosity, not too thin and not too thick. Since it has been in the packaging business for many years, it has proven its worth. Unlike the previous one that it only for thin form, Piston could handle paste and heavy sauces, Additionally, this equipment are the ones responsible for putting your shampoo, gels, creams, and conditioners into your aesthetically pleasing bottles.


For the next one, if you have products that contain could be used for either very thin or medium form of liquid. If you have a business regarding the mentioned characteristics, then the tool that you should choose is the OVERFLOW LIQUID FILLING MACHINES. Usually, this is use for smaller bottler filling and use for its flexible purposes. That is why this is considered to be the most used one.

Moreover, based from its name, it loads up the product to the container on an exact target of content through its height but not the volume. Meaning, the product may seem full but it is just a big bottle, not a full bottle. It also works for foamy stuff like shampoo and face cleansers.


For small businesses, it’s unpractical to buy a machine that will cost thousands of dollars. But if you want the quality of packaging but don’t want to buy the tools, then apply for services. One of them is J&D WATER: GLOBAL PACKAGING SOLUTIONS.

With the link,, you will be led to their home page. Scroll done, you will see the many benefits they offer to their customers like Excellent Processing Equipment, Strict Quality Management System, and Well-Trained Staff to name a few. The first one states that the company assures its clients that the products will be handled with care and a guaranteed quality. In terms of the management system, J&D upholds rules and procedures to have a systematized and concrete flow of work to follow to avoid any loopholes. For the last one, it promotes that their employees are educated and trained people for the field as to maintain their image.

Not only that, they also sell a lot of liquid filling machine. Not only that, they offer complete lines items like Can Beverage or Bottled Beverages but are still according to the measurement of the liquid. If you’re looking for the ones great at the job, J&D is the one for you.


Having to buy a liquid filling machine is a tough decision to make. However, as long as it benefits the company, why not have one? Just remember the tips and tricks given here and you’ll be fine as always.

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