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How to choose and buy the bottled mineral water production equipment?

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-14
Bottled mineral water has become indispensable in People's Daily life and drinking water, one of the advantage of the convenient and safe to get broad consumer's consistent approval, so more and more people are ready to build mineral water factory, to produce bottled mineral water, but how to choose and buy bottled mineral water production equipment became the consumers' mind the biggest question, bottled mineral water production equipment below small make up take you look at it. 1, see appearance beautiful degree of bottled water production line is many things, but the appearance of any equipment must be as a condition for operation and maintenance, if pure little additional meaning to the attachment for beauty, bound to lead to produce the increase of capital, and the capital, after all, the inevitable is a customer. 2, the raw material on the market at present bottled mineral water production equipment generally adopts 304 stainless steel raw materials, but some manufacturers in order to reduce cost tend to choose 202 stainless steel, although look, there is no obvious difference in appearance, but in the long term, resistance to corrosion of equipment and health indicators, often brings the serious influence. 3, see a good bottled mineral water production equipment accessories, not famous brand accessories, but a systems engineering under the same function, the use of high quality accessories will naturally lead to better reflect, single also improves with fees, the balance here, need specific customer and manufacturer communication, test is a manufacturer of engineering development strength, can't to detail. 4, see the stand or fall of programming, there is only one standard, is that is convenient for operation and maintenance of lower capital together. Customer if you have special request also need to communicate with manufacturer specific trade-offs. To sum up, in the understanding of how to choose and buy bottled mineral water production equipment should also understand how much bottled mineral water production equipment with this problem, the ability to guarantee to buy equipment.
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