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How to correctly use blowing in the process of metal laser welding?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-19
The application scope of laser welding machine is more and more extensive, but the requirements are also higher and higher. Nitrogen needs to be blown in the welding process to ensure the beautiful and white welding effect of the product. How can blowing be used correctly in the metal laser welding process? The effect of shielding gas in laser welding, shielding gas will affect the weld formation, weld quality, weld penetration and width. In most cases, blowing shielding gas will have a positive effect on the weld, but it may also have adverse effects. Positive effect 1) Correct blowing of shielding gas will effectively protect the weld pool to reduce or even avoid oxidation; 2) Correct blowing of shielding gas can effectively reduce spatter generated in the welding process; 3) The correct blowing of shielding gas can promote the weld pool to spread evenly during solidification, making the weld shape uniform and beautiful; 4) Correct blowing of shielding gas can effectively reduce the shielding effect of metal vapor plume or plasma cloud on laser and increase the effective utilization rate of laser; 5) Correct blowing of shielding gas can effectively reduce weld porosity. As long as the gas type, gas flow rate and blowing method are selected correctly, the ideal effect can be obtained completely.
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