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How to do daily maintenance of beer filling machine?

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-10
Beer filling machine daily maintenance of the relationship between the use of the beer filling machine life, using the punctual beer filling machine maintenance good protection, so equipment ability and stable work. So how do you do daily maintenance of beer filling machine? : 1, regular check and protection should be a month to start components such as cylinder, solenoid valve, speed regulation and electric parts and so on to look at it. Check method can be adjusted by manual to check quality and reliability, mainly to see whether a flat and cylinder card lag phenomenon, electromagnetic valve can be manually forced action to IP segment is electromagnetic coil burned and the valve plug, electrical parts may control input and output signal lamp to check, such as see if switching element damage, whether line break line, an output device is working correctly. 2, daily build and protect: motor is normal operation, security environment is normal, the cooling system is abnormal. Whether there is any abnormal sensation, abnormal sound, whether present abnormal heat, color change. 3, the day after each use and timely to finish the beer filling machine connecting pipe, in particular to replace product, want to use water in the pipes through three times ( Filling water 50 kg) , and each shall be filled with the whole pipeline, repeat three times in the future, can enter the pre-packaged condition, but the whole packaging barrels into the reaction vessel, to appear on the rear can formal packing mixing 2 minutes again. 4, after the filling is complete and downtime, want to use and a half thousand towel to beer filler surface dust and residue slurry scrub thousand net, to avoid filling machine form a corrosion. In addition with thousand towel swab control panel. On the buttons and connecting lines. 5, the operator on duty every day for cooking oil filling machine line outside view, facility manager weekly on the depth of filling machine connecting lines and connectors for check, prevent joint loosening effect filling accuracy, to avoid leakage, short circuit and other safety accidents. In addition to do daily protection and maintenance of beer filling machine, for beer filling time appear a few problems, we should also learn to screen, good maintenance and protection measures, can improve the use life of the beer filling machine, reduce the costs.
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